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Can you name these bands by run on sente
Took the money and flew like an eagle on a jet airliner while being called the joker and falling in love in the jungle.
Sweet mellisa rode a midnight rider like a ramblin man
Daniel went to sing with bennie and the jets and took a yellow brick road to meet tiny dancers.
I live like an apeman at waterloo sunset were everybody comes dancing
we played for Us and Them while counting our money and passing the Time.
I want you to show me the way because I want to know if you feel like we do
I danced the night away in the white room under the sunshine of your love
I shook that lady all night while she was back in black and the saluted those about to rock
I ran down a dream while free falling during my last dance with mary jane
Let's pretend to go all the way becuase I want to be with you

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