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What fruit must one tickle to enter the Hogwarts kitchen?
What is Lupin's full name?
What does Harry mistakenly write that Europa is covered in?
Name the drink offered to Harry by Romilda Vane
What compartment of the Hogwarts Express does Slughorn host his first ever Slug Club lunch?
Why was Mclaggen unable to attend the keeper try-outs in Harry's 5th year?
Give the two components of Lucius Malfoy's wand
What riddle is Mcgonagall asked by the knocker on the door of Ravenclaw's commonroom?
How long (in inches) is Draco Malfoy's wand?
What did Ron forget to do in his muggle driving test?
What is the password to the Slytherin commonroom in 'the Chamber of Secrets'?
What time does Harry's first ever detention take place?
How exactly does Harry first frame the question: 'Do you want to go to the ball with me'?
What diagram is Hermione copying in the chapter 'In the Hog's Head'?
Name Gryffindor's only mentioned beater whose name begins with 'K'
What does Luna identify the brains in the Department of Mysteries as?
What is the surname of the Care of Magical Creatures teacher that preceeded Hagrid?
What is Harry's first Christmas present from the Dursleys while at Hogwarts?
Name the three people to whom the first Harry Potter book is dedicated
Is butterbeer alcoholic?

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