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Source ElementTitleAdaption Element
Main Character sacrifices herself when she is unable to kill the man she has fallen in love withMain Character lives happily ever after with her lover
Book is told from the point of view of the dog as he defends his packThere is no narration and the family of the dog is now smaller
Story is told from diaries of the unamed man as he commits crimes with the helps of ratsThe main character is named Willard and there is no diary aspect
A lost travel guide is summonedA human-hunter is summoned
A street boy deals with not only one genie but twoOne genie is replaced by a flying carpet
Shoes are made of silver and it's not just a dreamHere come the ruby slippers
A character dies in irony when he comes face to face with his worst fearThat character now overcomes his greatest fear in motion
A man is haunted by spirits including one with two child phantoms under his ropeThe phantom children are usually ommitted
An intelligent leader of medically enhanced rodents are enoughSorceror Elements are now added to said character
Book gives evidence of it's 'first story'Film omits these and puts more belief on 'second story'
A controversial scene involves younger aged characters having sex in the sewersThis whole scene is omitted entirely and more favor is given towards the 'clown'
The story gives a realstic behavior story of humans, canines and vulpesThe animals talk and there is more of a commentary on roles
The book ends bleak with no hopeThere is a rebellion
There are more than one battle and a back story involving some gruesome conceptsThings are simplified and more emphasis is placed on the sweet visuals of a fantasy kingdom
The couple fight and end up being sacrificedThe relationship is hunky dory and they all live to see another day
The titular character is never truly described in detail other than he has all his baby teethHe is usually elf-looking or played by a grown female
Sex is a primary theme in a supernaturally influenced tale narrated from the after lifeSex is all but eliminated and the after life has been altered in concept
Source ElementTitleAdaption Element
A Vampire's true gender is an element to the storyIt is glimpsed over in one form or blatantly gender-swapped in another
There's an escaped rhino from the zoo and cloud men to do battle withLet's merge the two into some kind of odd spectral rhino in the sky
The story features a huge journey for some animals after a prophetic visionThe major changes only included some side plot drops and an alteration to number of the animals
It's a harrowing account across the Canadian wildernessFirst version hit the right points but in the second, breeds are up for shifting and let's let them to talk
The castle is enchanted in how it is ran day to dayThe animated version has servants be enchanted into objects
One of the most quoted plays of all time with a play within a playA well known-actor/director cuts the comic relief and gives an opening speech in his
The conclusion ends in the cold arctic with a sad sceneThe conclusion ends with a burning windmill and an angry mob
A deal is honored by mutilated entities to a neighborThe deal is now not honored and the neighbor's relationship is now a daughter
The titular creatures are explained a lot more in depthThe film brought about lots of confusion about whether the titular creatures are werewolves or not
An orphan runs into a group of street childrenIn Disney's version, we now have the main character as a cat
An inventor in a rennovated car fends off gangstersThere's now a Baron and a Child Catcher
The titular animals are originally left unknown if they survived, but in a later edition get a happy endingThe film goes for the original ending with a bleak outlook
The titular character is killed before the onset of his diseaseThe character is killed after the onset of his disease
The main character's skill are quite numerous and stories are told by way of the secondary character's viewThe main character usually has one or more of his abilities magnified to a much larger degree. Often it is the intelligence but more recently being eccentric
The villain dies in an act of heroism on a steam boatThe villian is shot following a bizarre rant
The main character thinks about outgrowing his behaviorThe character is left without the last chapter of his story
There is a frame story and travel from one planet to another in order to make a revelationThe film version ends with the reveal they were on the original planet they knew

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