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A Desire
Jelly, Star, Lung, Shell
Nickname for GFL dream invader
Stanley, Simmons, Frehley, and Criss
A white peg in Battleship
Randy, 2007-2010 #81 Wide Receiver for the Patriots, now #84 for the Titians
More than more
Keeps out Ye Olde Riff-Raff when filled
Less than a jacket, more than a sweater
Adding -ter to the end of this gives a loud noise
New England ____ Chowder
To shut a door forcefully
A large chunk of marble
Opposite of a neat-freak
Like, a squishy bulbous thing
In history, groups of various European political parties
To obscure something, such as by dropping ink over a written word
The common German word for bread
Says 'Cheerio!'
A U.S. Marshal helps a woman find her father's murderer: 'True...
Like a grate or lattice
To smile mischievously
A girl's name that can also mean the Emerald Isle
Non-Yooper Great Lake
A way to organize things in a flowchart, from top to bottom (this one is obscure)
Make your (No. 1) come...

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