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The Baudelaires go to their new guardian:
Their new guardian is a:
And a woman of many irrational:
Her husband:
Her husband was said to whistle with these in his mouth:
The Baudelaires arrive on:
Their guardian's house is on the edge of a:
Which overlooks:
Aunt Josephine presents the children with:
Violet received a:
Klaus received a:
Sunny received a:
In the market, they meet Count Olaf, who is disguised and calls himself:
When Klaus tries to prove he is Olaf, by exposing the tattoo, he finds Olaf is wearing:
Captain Sham claims that his leg was eaten by the:
Josephine warned Ike to wait this long before going swimming:
The Lachrymose Leeches are attracted to:
Captain Sham claims the Leeches ate his leg after he had:
The kids, Mr. Poe, and Captain Sham are at a restaurant called:
The children eat these, to which they are allergic, to leave the restaurant:
The children buy food for the upcoming:
The Hurricane is named:
When the children arrive home, they find the Wide Window broken, along with a:
As Josephine is a woman of grammar adoration, Klaus cannot help but notice these in her note:
He complies the letters to spell the message:
The children steal this after the house collapses:
They find Josephine in the cave, who just ate a:
When the boat is attacked by Leeches, Captain Sham comes and saves the orphans, but does what to Josephine:
Back at Damocles Dock, Mr. Poe is there, who is willing to give Captain Sham:
Sunny bites this of Sham's revealing his tattoo:

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