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The Baudelaire Orphans are on a train headed for:
It is in the midst of the:
The are told they will work at:
Where they get only this for meals:
Their boss is:
They tell them to call him this because:
His partner:
Who offers them a:
One of the Lumbermill workers:
Who is seemingly:
The Foreman:
Who trips Klaus intentionally to break his:
Down the road, there is optometrist:
When Klaus returns from her office, he is:
The Foreman tells Klaus to:
When the Foreman says a word, Klaus is:
When the Foreman trips Klaus again, he goes to the optometrist's again with:
The optemtrist uses the expression:
Violet and Sunny see that Olaf is disguised as:
He is posing as the optemtrists's:
When the Orphans return to the Lumbermill, their boss says that is there another accident, he will place them in the care of:
When Violet and Sunny read the book on hypnotism in the library, they find that Klaus can be unhypnotised by a certain:
When they return to the Mill, they see this Charles strapped to a log, and this boy controlling the buzz saw:
The word to command Klaus was:
The word to unhypnotize Klaus was:
Sunny fights Orwell with her:
Orwell fights Sunny with her:
As Klaus is unhypnotized, Orwell falls into the:
Olaf is put into the:
He jumps out the window, and Sir says that they will be attending:

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