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Can you name the famous rock and roll song by the words directly preceding the guitar solo?

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'And I gave her the gun...I shot her!'
'...nature of my game. Oh yeah....Get down, baby!
'I never thought I'd do anybody no wrong, no not once, sir....Ohhh, do it!'
'...and I...I live by the river! Oh! Ay ay ay oh! Ah ah ah ahhhhhh!'
'...and we don't make no collections. I want you to [SONG TITLE] with the band!
'Comin' lookin' like you never ever did one wrong thing...'
'Don't you know it's gonna be...alright...alright....alright. Ahahhahh!
'Good Lord, I feel like I'm dying...'
'...The real relation, the underlying theme...'
'Open your heart...I'm comin' home.'
'I tell you this: no eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn'

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