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ADees friend from acting class and Franks booty call
BDees occupation at Paddys. Also Dennis' occasionally
CCharlie and Dee are convinced they are this when they eat some of Franks meat
DType of jacket first worn by Mac. Much longer than a typical jacket and irresistable to women
EThe guys dress up as this when they wrestle for the troops
FDrinking game played by The Gang in an annual tournament
GCharlie's alter ego/mascot
HDennis says he will get this animal as a pet even though Charlie deems it illegal under 'bird law'
IFrank is given this by The Gang after they deem his drinking has gotten out of control
JDennis names the junkyard cat after this television character
KDee once dated a rapper named Lil ___
LMac and Charlie wrote a movie starring this actor as a crime smelling detective (last name)
MCharlie says this is his favorite food when asked by Dennis for his dating website profile
NDennis and Dees PopPop was one of these
OActress who plays Deandra Reynolds (last name)
PCharlie gives this name to the horse he steals from a country club
QRadio DJs who host the dance marathon at Paddys. Played by comedians Randy and Jason Sklar
RFormerly known as Matthew Mara. Has a crush on Dee
SName of the male enviromentalist who chains himself to a tree.
TDennis claims this to be his doctor when filling a prescription for his sick grandmother
UMac writes a letter to this baseball player when they go to the World Series
VFrank visited this country in 1993 to open a sweatshop
WCharlies obsession. Actual name remains unknown
XeXtra credit! Name at least one of the steps in the D.E.N.N.I.S. system
YFranks street gang from the 1950s
ZCharlie mistakes the Z in prize when he puts the bar at stake in a dance competition. He thought it said _____

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