Geography Quiz / USA vs. Kyrgyzstan: Larger/Longer/Taller

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Can you name which country has the larger,longer, or taller feature?

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United StatesLarger/Longer/TallerKyrgyzstan
Stars on American FlagRays of Sun in Kyrgyz Flag
Lake Ontario (by volume)Lake Issyk Kul (by volume)
Number of Russian SpeakersNumber of Russian Speakers
Pittsburgh (by population)Osh (by population)
Washington D.C. (by population)Bishkek (by population)
Percentage of Area that is WaterPercentage of Area that is Water
Tallest Building in Washington D.C.Tallest Building in Bishkek
Letters in Alphabet (English)Letters in Alphabet (Kyrgyz)
Number of MuslimsNumber of Muslims
Ohio RiverNaryn River
United StatesLarger/Longer/TallerKyrgyzstan
Miles of Road in MassachusettsMiles of Road in Kyrgyzstan
Minimum Distance to RussiaMinimum Distance to Russia
Number of Independently Administered CitiesNumber of Independently Administered Cities
Lake Ontario (by area)Lake Issyk Kul (by area)
Distance from Philadelphia to Washington D.CDistance from Osh to Bishkek
US Border with MexicoTotal Perimeter of country
Mount McKinleyJengish Chokusu
Missouri (by area)Kyrgyzstan (by area)
Missouri (by population)Kyrgyzstan (by population)
Height of Denver above Sea LevelHeight of Bishkek above Sea Level

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