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An angled cut made across the width of a board is aA. Cross Cut, B. Rip Cut, C. Director's cut, D. Mitre Cut
An angled cut down the length of the wood, following the grain is aA. Cross cut, B. Miter cut, C. Bevel cut, D. Rip cut
Which type of flat stock is used to face platformsA. Homasote, B. Masonite, C. Plywood, D. Drywall
The hand-held power tool used to make curved cuts through flat stockA. Miter saw, B. Table saw, C. Jigsaw, D. Circular saw
Rigid material that comes in 4'x8' sheets is calledA. Flat stock, B. Hard stock, C. Long stock, D. Live stock
The most dangerous time of production is duringA. Lunch, B. Strike, C. Rehearsal, D. Initial construction
A straight cut across the grain of wood is called a ___ cutA. Bevel, B. Cross, C. Rip, D. Miter
The lighting designer is not responsible forA. Design of the lighting, B. Operation of the lighting, C. Acquiring the lighting instruments, D. Installation of the lighting
Hollywood flats are the only kind of flats thatA. Use muslin as facing, B. Use luan as facing, C. Are paintable, D. Place 1x4 frame
_________, also known as chroma, refers to the amount, or percentage, of a particular hue in a color mixtureA. Intensity, B. Saturation, C. Thickness, D. Depth
The hand-held power tool used to make long, straight cuts through martial is the A. Hand saw, B. Miter saw, C. Jigsaw, D. Circular saw

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