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What is the way of sending messages to large groups of people through the mail called?
What are TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, and internet all examples of?
Propaganda is a message that is meant to influence people's ______.
When someone favors one point of view over another, it is called being_____?
What are more and more American voters using to gather political information today?
What are the 2 most expensive ways for advertising for an election?
Who is the interest group that has the job of carrying out the election activities?
Who is the interest group named after a section of the US income tax code that makes them tax free?
Glittering Generalities, Card Stacking, Plainfolks, Name Calling, Bandwagon, and Transfer are all techniques of what?
People are chosen at random to make the _____ work correctly during an election.
What method of propaganda appeals to the desire to follow the crowd?
What shows what candidate people support at a given time of an election?
How do interest groups put out their share of direct mail?
Today, many voters receive most of their information by watching the news on the ____?
Many ads depend on what to make their names known?
Most of the major national polls use what sampling?
What committee helps fund the election activities?
Candidates for both ____ and ______ offices must reach a very large number of voters.
What type of meetings are held to bring messages directly to citizens?
Because TV time and newspaper space is so expensive, political ads are usually _____ and _____.

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