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Can you name the 2010 hip hop songs by these elegant lyrics?

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Please inform me on what you think of it. You are as high as possible, except for heaven which is even higher.
Driving down the boulevard, inhaling marijuana, drinking alcohol and fluidized fruits.
Baby, you're a pyrotechnic display at celebrations
I would corral a projectile for weaponry for you. Place my cranium on cutting board for you.
I envisioned her, I envisioned myself, envisioned us both. Unobstructed my peepers only to realize i was sleeping the whole time.
If you eulogize me, it's hard to please me. There is a possibility I will tear you limb from limb. The only thing I am going to do is make you woebegone.
Gorgeous women around the globe i could be perusing instead are nothing compared to you.
I am not apprehensive to take command. All of you now, please grab the appendage at end of my arm.
La la land bitches, we're forever enduring. Formal fitting jean shorts and swim-wear on the outside.
Drinking champagne on the rocks like a great nor'easter. When we booze, we do it correctly... getting hammered.
Howdy-do female blood sibling. Isn't that the esquire on the communication by electronic air waves?

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