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Ocarina and Master SwordBest Video Game Of All Time.
Crono, Marle, and Lucca Released a DS version recently.
Soul EdgeI liked the arcade version better.
Pegasus ShoesMost of Number 1's songs on this.
Naked SnakeSequel to Number 8.
Planet ZebesThe original creator must be mad.
For England, James?It has a movie as well.
Solid SnakeThe series has 4 games.
Raccoon CityLimited edition controller.
Ryo HazukiFocuses on Chapters 3,4, and 5.
Hint # 1GameHint # 2
120 Stars.I loved jumping into its paintings.
Tom ClancyHas references in other games.
AlucardOriginally there were 2 versions.
Moogles3rd of its kind.
m45T3r Ch33FThis guy jumps high.....
Wii's Best Characters.Sequel to Number 17.
Gamecube's Best Characters.Giga Bowser was hard to beat tbh..
Hot Coffee modYessir, that's how we do baby.
Also from Diddy Kong Racing.I never expected this in the top 20.
2 Flutes to get to Level 8.The king must be fed up already.

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