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Can you name the deceased RPG party characters?

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GameCharacterCause of Death
Final Fantasy IIBoulder trap
Final Fantasy IISacrifices self for Ultima
Final Fantasy IIMortal combat with revived emperor
Phantasy Star IIDies in battle with Neifirst
Final Fantasy IVUnleashes Meteo
Final Fantasy VExhausts energy battling Exdeath
Shining Force IISacrifices self to seal Zeon
Illusion of GaiaDevoured by Riverson
Illusion of GaiaBrave self-sacrifice to satiate cannibals
Phantasy Star IVBlocks hero from death curse
Final Fantasy VIMurdered by a deceitful clown
EarthboundSwatted by the terrifying Lardna Minch
Live a LiveGives life to reactivate giant mecha
Lufia IIEnergy waves rupture in final battle
Lufia IIGives life to save son from falling island
Chrono TriggerDies fighting space alien; revived with doll and magical egg
Tactics OgreManages to die on every route possible
SuikodenKilled in Imperial ambush
SuikodenConsumed by man-eating spores (but can be revived)
SuikodenDies to break Lady Windy's spell
SuikodenWounds from traitorous saboteur's explosion
Fire Emblem 4Ambushed in desert by dragon knights
GameCharacterCause of Death
Fire Emblem 4Dies protecting daughter
Fire Emblem 4Killed by treacherous king
Final Fantasy VIIStabbed while summoning Holy
Final Fantasy TacticsZombified by demonic elder brother
Final Fantasy TacticsExecuted by church for heresy
Final Fantasy TacticsStabbed in post-credits lovers' quarrel
Breath of Fire IIIEpic duel of dragon against dragon
Breath of Fire IIITurns to stone upon mission's completion
Tales of DestinyDrowns, later zombified
Suikoden IIDecoy battle against enemy strategist
Chrono CrossBecomes part of Dragon God
Final Fantasy IXStops moving
Shadow HeartsAbsorbs Four Masks' Curse in canon ending
Final Fantasy XKilled by Yunalesca and unsent ever since
Fire Emblem: Binding BladeFuture game's hero dies in war
Suikoden IIIKilled during siege on his hometown
Suikoden IIISacrifice for the True Water Rune
Suikoden IIIKilled before True Water Rune
Suikoden IIILoses final battle against heroes
Suikoden IIIChooses death to stay by her loved one's side
Fire Emblem 7Overexerts self in final battle against dragon
Mother 3Sacrificial lightning attack after remembering his true self

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