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A question for each episode of The Twilight Zone Season 5 (1964).

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In 'In Praise Of Pip', where does Max Phillips see his son as a child? A) Summer camp B) Toy store C) Amusement park
'Steel', involves which futuristic sport? A) Zero gravity football B) Flying car racing C) Robot boxing
In 'Nightmare At 20,000 Feet', where does William Shatner see a gremlin on a plane? A) On the wing B) In the pilot seat C) In the overhead storage
In 'A Kind Of Stopwatch', Mcnulty stops time and breaks the stopwatch while doing what? A) Robbing a bank B) Attacking somebody C) Running from police
In 'The Last Night Of A Jockey', what does Grady wish for? A) To win the Kentucky Derby B) To be big C) To perform a heroic act
In 'Living Doll', what is the name of the doll? A) Speaking Sally B) Chatty Cathy C) Talky Tina
In 'The Old Man In The Cave', what is the old man in the cave? A) A psychic old man B) An alien C) A computer
In 'Uncle Simon', what does Uncle Simon bequeath to his niece? A) A robot B) A pet C) Nothing
In 'Probe 7 Over And Out', what planet does astronaut Cook land on? A) Irth B) Marrz C) Veenos
In 'The 7th Is Made Up Of Phantoms', three U.S. soldiers time travel to which battle? A) Waterloo B) Little Bighorn C) Gettysburg
In 'A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain', how does Harmon Gordon become young again? A) A wish B) Time travel C) A youth serum
In 'Ninety Years Without Slumbering', what is Sam Forstmann obsessed with preserving so it continues to work? A) Car B) T.V. C) Grandfather clock
In 'Ring-A-Ding Girl', an apparition of Bunny Blake saves her entire hometown from being killed by what? A) A bomb blast B) A plane crash C) An asteroid
In 'You Drive', Oliver Pope is forced to confess to causing a car accident by what? A) The voice of his conscience B) His car C) The ghost of his victim
In 'The Long Morrow', what does Stansfield not do but finds his girlfriend has done without him knowing? A) Enter suspended animation B) Drink youth serum C) Get a younger body
In 'The Self-Improvement Of Salvadore Ross', what does Ross sell to his girlfriend's father which leads him to shoot Ross? A) Guilt B) Compassion C) Fear
In 'Number 12 Looks Just Like You', Marilyn Cuberle chooses number 12. What is it? A) Robot servant B) New body C) Clone baby
In 'Black Leather Jackets', what are all the men who wear black leather jackets? A) Aliens B) Robots C) Clones
In 'Night Call', where does Elva Keene find the calls are coming from? A) A disused building B) Her own house C) A graveyard
In 'From Agnes With Love', what is Agnes? A) Computer B) Car C) Pet
In 'Spur Of The Moment', who is Anne scared by while horseback riding? A) Her future self B) A ghost C) An alien
'An Occurence At Owl Creek Bridge' was made in which country? A) Germany B) Spain C) France
In 'Queen Of The Nile', what does Pamela Morris use to draw life from people? A) A scarab beetle B) An ankh C) An eye of Horus
In 'What's In The Box', what does Joe Britt's T.V. show him? A) Another dimension B) The future C) Other people's secrets
In 'The Masks', Jason Foster makes his family wear masks during which celebration? A) Mardi Gras B) Halloween C) Cinco De Mayo
In 'I Am The Night Color Me Black', a town is plunged into darkness after what event? A) A public hanging B) A scientific experiment C) An alien invasion
In 'Sounds And Silences', what does Roswell G. Flemington love doing? A) Being silent B) Make everyone else be quiet C) Making noise
In 'Caesar And Me', Caesar is a talking what? A) Dummy B) Dog C) Baby
In 'The Jeopardy Room', Major Kuchenko kills his enemies with a bomb linked to what? A) Radio B) T.V. C) Telephone
In 'Stopover In A Quiet Town', Bob and Millie Frazier are captured and forced to be what? A) An alien child's toys B) A giant's slaves C) A demon's trophies
In 'The Encounter', where are Fenton and Takamori trapped? A) An attic B) A prison C) A bunker
In 'Mr. Garrity And The Graves', what does Garrity claim he can do? A) Change into the form of dead people B) Kill people with his mind C) Raise the dead
In 'The Brain Centre At Whipple's', what does Whipple replace his entire workforce with? A) Children B) Machines C) Clones of himself
In 'Come Wander With Me', Floyd Burney's death is predicted by what? A) A song B) A T.V. show C) A book
In 'The Fear', what do the humans find as evidence that aliens are watching them? A) Giant footprint B) Crop circles C) Alien technology
In 'The Bewitchin' Pool', how do Sport and Jeb get to Aunt T's house? A) Through a waterfall B) Through their swimming pool C) Through a lake
Bonus Question: 'An Occurence At...' is the only TZ episode to be bought from overseas. Which of these did it NOT win? A) Cannes film festival award B) Academy award C) BAFTA award

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