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A question for each episode of The Twilight Zone Season 4 (1963).

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In 'In His Image', Alan Talbot discovers he is actually a what? A) Robot B) Ghost C) Clone
In 'The Thrity Fathom Grave', what can Chief Bell hear below the water which leads to him jumping into the ocean? A) Screaming B) Bomb blasts C) Metallic clanging
In 'Valley Of The Shadow', what causes Redfield to investigate Peaceful Valley further? A) He sees a girl makes his dog disappear B) He sees a man fly C) He sees a boy lift his car
In 'He's Alive', Vollmer is mentored by the ghost of who? A) Josef Stalin B) Benito Mussolini C) Adolf Hitler
In 'Mute', why is Ilsa mute? A) She chooses to be B) Her parents only spoke telepathically C) She had her vocal cords removed
In 'Death Ship', what does Capt. Ross NOT believe to explain the discovery of his and his crew's dead bodies? A) They have time travelled B) An alien illusion C) They are ghosts
In 'Jess-Belle', the love spell cast by Granny causes Jess-Belle to turn into what every night? A) Hawk B) Leopard C) Wolf
In 'Miniature', what does Charley Parkes repeatedly go to see when he sees an inanimate object come to life? A) Museum dollhouse B) Puppet show C) Ventriloquist act
In 'Printer's Devil', what business does Doug Winter run where he employs the devil? A) Newpaper B) Book publisher C) Advertising agency
In 'No Time Like The Past', after time travelling to 1881 what does Paul Driscoll try to prevent but ends up causing? A) His ancestors death B) A disease outbreak C) A school fire
In 'The Parallel', what is Major Robert Gaines in control of when he enters a parallel dimension? A) A ship B) A jet plane C) A space craft
In 'I Dream Of Genie', what does George P. Hanley eventually wish for? A) More wishes B) He becomes the genie C) He never met the genie
In 'The New Exhibit', Martin Senescu goes to great lengths to preserve wax figures of what? A) Serial killers B) Fictional characters C) World leaders
In 'Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville', Feathersmith's time travelling causes him to be replaced as boss of his company by who? A) His janitor B) His secretary C) His chauffeur
In 'The Incredible World Of Horace Ford', what is Ford's job? A) Toy designer B) Cartoonist C) Comic book writer
In 'On Thursday We Leave For Home', a small colony of people is rescued from where? A) Another planet B) A desert island C) A space station
In 'Passage On The Lady Anne', what happens to the ship the Lady Anne after the couple are sent off the ship? A) It flies away B) It disappears C) It sinks
In 'The Bard', which dead writer does Julius Moomer resurrect to help him write T.V. scripts? A) Charles Dickens B) Oscar Wilde C) William Shakespeare
Bonus Question: Why are the episodes of Season 4 different to other seasons? A) They are an hour long B) None are written by Rod Serling C) They were not produced by CBS
Bonus Question: Why is 'Jess-Belle', unique among all TZ episodes? A) Rod Serling stars in it B) Rod Serling did not do a closing narration C) Rod Serling did not write it

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