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A question for each episode of The Twilight Zone Season 3 (1961).

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In 'Two', what item of clothing does the female soldier see in a shop window which she wears at the end of the episode? A) White shoes B) White hat C) White dress
In 'The Arrival', Grant Sheckly investigates incidents involving what type of vehicle? A) Cars B) Ships C) Planes
In 'The Shelter', Bill Stockton's friends and family argue over who gets to stay in where? A) Homeless shelter B) Fallout shelter C) Bus shelter
In 'The Passerby', who walks along the road, classed as the last casualty of the U.S. Civil War? A) Ullyses S. Grant B) Robert E. Lee C) Abraham Lincoln
In 'A Game Of Pool', Jesse Cardiff plays pool against a ...? A) Ghost B) Demon C) Robot
In 'The Mirror', Peter Falk plays a paranoid dictator who is eventually killed by who? A) Himself B) His enemy C) His second in command
In 'The Grave', what is Conny Miller told to leave in the grave of his enemy in order to prove he has been there? A) A cross B) A knife C) A flower
In 'It's A Good Life', Anthony turns Dan into what children's toy after he upsets him? A) A doll B) Teddy bear C) Jack-in-the-box
In 'Deaths-head Revisited', where does Gunther Lutze visit to relive his memories of WW2? A) Hitler's bunker B) Dachau C) The Reichstag building
In 'The Midnight Sun', which of these are we NOT led to believe in the episode? A) Earth is getting hotter B) Earth is getting colder C) Earth has stopped moving
In 'Still Valley', a military unit finds a magic spell book which they ultimately decide not to use in which conflict? A) WW1 B) WW2 C) U.S. Civil War
In 'The Jungle', the curse put on Alan Richards ends with him being attacked by which animal? A) Lion B) Cheetah C) Rhinoceros
In 'Once Upon A Time', which silent movie legend plays Woodrow Mulligan? A) Buster Keaton B) Charlie Chaplin C) Harold Lloyd
In 'Five Characters In Search Of An Exit', the characters are what? A) Multiple personalities B) People in hell C) Children's toys
In 'A Quality Of Mercy', Lt. Katell experiences WW2 from the viewpoint of who? A) A Nazi B) An Italian Soldier C) A Japanese Soldier
In 'Nothing In The Dark', who does police officer Harold Beldon turn out to be? A) God B) Death C) The Devil
In 'One More Pallbearer', Paul Radin traps three people he dislikes in order to get them to do what? A) Give him money B) Commit crimes for him C) Apologize to him
In 'Dead Man's Shoes', where does homeless man Nate Bledsoe find the dead man and his shoes? A) Morgue B) Coffin C) Dumpster
In 'The Hunt', Hyder Simpson's dog prevents him from entering where? A) Heaven B) Purgatory C) Hell
In 'Showdown With Rance McGrew', which wild west legend informs McGrew he is not happy with how he is portrayed in McGrew's tv show? A) Buffalo Bill B) Jesse James C) Billy the Kid
In 'Kick The Can', what is the name of the rest home where the residents turn young again? A) Clearwater B) Sunnyvale C) Happy Glades
In 'A Piano In The House', what tune is played on the piano which makes Fitzgerald Fortune act like a child? A) Rock-a-bye-baby B) You Make Me Feel So Young C) Brahm's Lullaby
In 'The Last Rites Of Jeff Myrtlebank', Myrtlebank waking up at his funeral causes everyone to believe what? A) He is immortal B) He is possessed C) He is a ghost
In 'To Serve Man', what is the book 'To Serve Man'? A) A servant's guide B) An owner's manual C) A cook book
In 'The Fugitive', the old man named Ben is revealed to be what? A) A ghost B) An alien C) An imaginary friend
In 'Little Girl Lost', where is the little girl lost? A) Parallel dimension B) Spirit world C) In space
In 'Person Or Persons Unknown', David Gurney wakes from a dream and does not recognize which of his relatives? A) Wife B) Mother C) Daughter
In 'The Little People', the people in the tiny city build what in honour of one of the astronauts? A) Statue B) Temple C) Tower
In 'Four O'Clock', what does Oliver Crangle intend to do to everyone but ends up feeling the effects himself? A) Freeze them B) Shrink them C) Hypnotize them
In 'Hocus, Pocus And Frisby', nobody believes Frisby's story about him meeting who? A) A ghost B) God C) Aliens
In 'The Trade-ins', what does John Holt trade in for a new one but gives back at the end? A) His car B) His wife C) His body
In 'The Gift', the gift that the alien brings which the people destroy turns out to be what? A) Endless energy source B) Cure for cancer C) Plans for world peace
In 'The Dummy', which of these is NOT the name of one of Jerry's dummies? A) Caesar B) Willie C) Goofy goggles
In 'Young Man's Fancy', who is Alex's wife trying to convince him to get over but he eventually returns to? A) His distant son B) His dead mother C) His ex-wife
In 'I Sing The Body Electric', a family buys a robotic what? A) Grandmother B) Baby C) Dog
In 'Cavender Is Coming', what is Cavender? A) Guardian angel B) Demon C) Ghost
In 'The Changing Of The Guard', Ellis Fowler has recently retired from which job, where he feels he has accomplished nothing? A) Police officer B) Doctor C) Teacher
Bonus Question: 'Cavender Is Coming', is the only Twilight Zone episode with what unusual quality? A) It was improvised B) It was broadcast live C) It originally had a laugh track

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