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QUIZ: A question for each episode of The Twilight Zone Season 2 (1960).

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In 'King Nine Will Not Return', what does the nurse find in Captain Embry's shoes? A) Sand B) Rocks C) Water
In 'The Man In The Bottle', Arthur Castle's wish for power causes him to be turned into who? A) Winston Churchill B) Franklin D. Roosevelt C) Adolf Hitler
In 'Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room', where does Jackie Rhodes see a more confident version of himself? A) In a mirror B) In a photograph C) In a movie
In 'A Thing About Machines', which household appliance chases Finchley down the stairs? A) Hairdryer B) Electric Shaver C) Toaster
In 'The Howling Man', who is the howling man trapped in a cell? A) The Devil B) A werewolf C) A vampire
Which of these titles was NOT used for this episode involving an 'ugly' woman undergoing surgery? A) Eye Of The Beholder B) The Private World Of Darkness C) Beauty Is Skin Deep
In 'Nick Of Time', what does William Shatner's character continually ask questions to about his future? A) Fortune telling machine B) Magic 8-ball C) Fortune cookie seller
In 'The Lateness Of The Hour', Jana Loren is horrified to discover she is a ...? A) Clone B) Robot C) Alien
In 'The Trouble With Templeton', Booth Templeton speaks to the ghosts of his friends and family where? A) Speakeasy B) Casino C) Graveyard
In 'A Most Unusual Camera', the criminals use the camera to win money where? A) Casino B) Racetrack C) A lottery
'Night Of The Meek', is the only Twilight Zone episode set during which holiday? A) Christmas B) Halloween C) Easter
In 'Dust', a bag of magic dust is used to save a man from which method of execution? A) Hanging B) Electric chair C) Firing Squad
In 'Back There', Peter Corrigan travels back in time to prevent the assassination of who? A) James A. Garfield B) Abraham Lincoln C) William McKinley
In 'The Whole Truth', Harvey Hunnicut is forced to tell the truth after obtaining what? A) A house B) A car C) A wife
In 'The Invaders', where are the invaders from? A) The moon B) Earth C) Mars
In 'A Penny For Your Thoughts', Hector Poole uses his mind reading abilities to get promoted and date a colleague. Where does he work? A) Bar B) Bookstore C) Bank
In 'Twenty Two', which unit of the hospital is Room 22? A) Morgue B) Maternity C) Plastic Surgery
In 'The Odyssey Of Flight 33', the pilots of the plane realise they have travelled back in time when they see a what? A) Caveman B) Dinosaur C) Mammoth
In 'Mr. Dingle The Strong', Mr. Dingle is given super strength by a two headed alien from where? A) Mercury B) Mars C) Pluto
In 'Static' Ed Lindsey retrieves what from his retirement home basement? A) TV B) Video Projector C) Radio
In 'The Prime Mover', Cobb uses his telekinetic powers to affect a game of what? A) Darts B) Cards C) Dice
In 'Long Distance Call', Billy uses a toy telephone to talk to which deceased relative? A) Aunt B) Grandmother C) Mother
In 'A Hundred Yards Over The Rim', when Chris Horn returns to 1847, what does he drop in 1961 which rapidly ages? A) Hat B) Coin C) Rifle
In 'The Rip Van Winkle Caper', four men plan to sleep for 100 years in order to avoid prosecution for their theft of what? A) Cash B) Gold C) Diamonds
In 'The Silence', Tennyson severs which body part in order to win a bet? A) Vocal cords B) Jaw C) Tongue
In 'Shadow Play', Grant's recurring dream always begins where? A) Work B) Hospital C) Courtroom
In 'The Mind And The Matter', what important item in the episode has the same name as the episode? A) A TV show B) A movie C) A book
In 'Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?', which of these qualities do we NOT see on an alien? A) Third leg B) Third arm C) Third eye
In 'The Obsolete Man', what is the occupation of Romney Wordsworth which is deemed obsolete? A) Police officer B) Librarian C) Janitor
Bonus Question: Why are episodes 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 22 different from the others? A) They are an hour long B) They are in colour C) They are filmed on videotape

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