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A question for each episode of The Twilight Zone Season 1 (1959).

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In 'Where Is Everybody?', Ferris is in isolation training for a trip to where? A) Mars B) The moon C) Pluto
In 'One For The Angels', who did Lew Bookman distract to save a girl's life? A) Death B) God C) The Devil
In 'Mr Denton On Doomsday', the travelling salesman is named Henry J. ____? A) Fate B) Destiny C) Future
In 'The Sixteen Millimeter Shrine', what does Barbara leave behind after she has been absorbed into the film? A) Scarf B) Hat C) Glove
In 'Walking Distance', Sloan returns to the present time with an injury to which body part? A) Arm B) Leg C) Head
In 'Escape Clause', what did Bedeker's contract with the Devil give him? A) Mind control B) Time travel ability C) Immortality
In 'The Lonely', what is Corry given to keep him company on the prison asteroid? A) Female puppet B) Female robot C) Female inflatable doll
In 'Time Enough At Last', where is Bemis sat reading when the hydrogen bomb hits? A) His basement B) A library C) A bank vault
In 'Perchance to Dream', what is Hall afraid to do? A) Die B) Eat C) Sleep
In 'Judgment Night', Carl Lanser relives the destruction of what? A) A plane B) A cruise liner C) A submarine
In 'And When The Sky Was Opened', how many men disappear from existence? A) 1 B) 2 C) 3
In 'What You Need', what does Pedott give Renard which causes his death? A) Slippy Shoes B) Tight Tie C) Heavy Hat
In 'The Four of Us Are Dying', what does Arch Hammer have the ability to do? A) Turn invisible B) Change his size C) Change his face
In 'Third From The Sun', the two families steal a spacecraft and escape to which planet? A) Venus B) Earth C) Mars
In 'I Shot An Arrow Into The Air', where do the astronauts land? A) Venus B) Earth C) Mars
In 'The Hitch-Hiker', who is the Hitch-Hiker? A) Death B) God C) The Devil
In 'The Fever', Franklin Gibbs gets addicted to playing what?' A) Poker B) A slot machine C) Roulette
In 'The Last Flight', a pilot time travels forwards to 1959 from which conflict? A) Korean War B) WW1 C) WW2
In 'The Purple Testament', what does Fitz see on peoples faces before they die? A) A light B) A black spot C) A skull
In 'Elegy', what is the planet 'Happy Glades' used as? A) Rest home B) Holiday resort C) Graveyard
In 'Mirror Image', Millicent Barnes sees her exact double where? A) At home B) Bus station C) Airport
In 'The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street', what causes the residents to panic and turn on each other? A) Drought B) Blackout C) Earthquake
In 'A World Of Difference', Arthur Curtis is told his entire life is actually what? A) A dream B) An implanted memory C) A movie
In 'Long Live Walter Jameson', what does Jameson wear that gives him immortality? A) A necklace B) A bracelet C) A ring
In 'People Are Alike All Over', the astronaut Conrad lands on Mars and ends up living where? A) Underground B) A zoo C) A palace
In 'Execution', Joe Caswell is saved from what method of execution? A) Hanging B) Electric Chair C) Firing Squad
In 'The Big Tall Wish', a wish causes Bolie Jackson to win what sort of sporting event? A) Golf B) Boxing C) Running
In 'A Nice Place To Visit', where is Rocky Valentine taken? A) Heaven B) Purgatory C) Hell
In 'Nightmare As A Child', Helen Foley sees herself as a child causing her to remember what? A) A murder B) A robbery C) A kidnapping
In 'A Stop At Willoughby', where does Gart Williams keep falling asleep in order to visit Willoughby? A) A train B) A plane C) A bus
In 'The Chaser', who does Shackleforth turn to for help in getting a woman to love him? A) Dr. A. Wizard B) Prof. A. Daemon C) Mr. A. Warlock
In 'A Passage For Trumpet', Joey Crown meets who from the bible? A) Gabriel B) Noah C) Moses
In 'Mr. Bevis', bevis is aided in life by who? A) God B) His guardian angel C) His future self
In 'The After Hours', how long is each store mannequin allowed to live as a human? A) A week B) A month C) A year
In 'The Mighty Casey', the lack of what causes the robot Casey to be banned from playing baseball? A) A heart B) A brain C) Courage
In 'A World Of His Own', Gregory West can create anything by doing what? A) Drawing a picture B) Speaking into a dictation machine C) Writing on a pad
Bonus question: The final episode, 'A World Of His Own', marks the first of 121 Twilight Zone appearances of who? A) Burgess Meredith B) Jack Klugman C) Rod Serling

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