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Can you match the lyrics to the songs?1999-2009
'It could be wrong'
'You caught me under false pretences'
'To prove I've made a big mistake'
'I won't stand in your way'
'I won't let you be denied'
'I'm breaking out. Escaping now'
'You're just too good to be true'
'I tried to give you up. But I'm addicted'
'I will be singing. And falling from your grave'
'Change everything you are'
'You must pay for your crimes against the earth'
'Blackholes and revelations'
'Fear and panic in the air'
'Do it on your own it makes no difference to me'
'Lose control. Increasing speed'
'It rockets through the universe'
'Falls asleep on the job'
'Link it to the world'
'Give me the peace and joy in your mind'
'In these forgotten space race under my control'
Can you match the lyrics to the songs?1999-2009
'The underneath's no big surprise'
'Teach us to cheat and to lie'
'Fish in the sea you know how i feel'
'Just suck and see. A future turn us into silent gods'
'Micro waves me insane'
'So be mine and your innocence I will consume'
'When these pillars get put down'
'The wavelength gently grows, coercive notions re-evolve'
'They just promise to go and on and on'
'They'll laugh as they watch us fall'
'Choice to live my life extended'
'You could have ruled the whole world'
'She burns the horizons'
'And I'll burn your heart away'
'It's happening soon, it's happening soon'
'Forcing our darkest souls to unfold'
'Royal canadian blended'
'Paranoia is in bloom'
'Who's so phoney and always surrounded?'
'Hopelessly I'll give you everything'

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