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The island of women only
Skeleton member of the Straw Hat Pirates
The aspiring marine admiral Luffy meets at the beginning
One of the Seven Warlords who is the ruler of Dressrosa
One of the pirates from the Worst Generation
Blind admiral of the marines
The name of Luffy's grandfather
Mysterious power in every living being
A prison with varying levels of torture depending on level
The first son of the sea
Ate the Pika Pika Fruit
Gol D Roger's homeland
The owner of the castle Zoro stays in during the 2 year period
Grows Mikan
The island Robin was a survivor from
The island Luffy and his crew arrive to after receiving a call for help
Advocated the idea of fishman and humans living in unison
The granddaughter of King Riku
Shared sake and vowed with Luffy and Ace
Meets with Luffy again at Punk Hazard
The sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates
The princess of Alabasta
Where the Straw Hats obtained the Thousand Sunny
One of the eleven rookie pirates in the Worst Generation
The devil fruit Marshall D. Teach ate
The head chef of Baratie

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