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What is the name of the organization with red clouds on their black clothes?
The name of the eye technique of the Hyuuga clan
What is needed to perform jutsu
Filled in as temporary Hokage while Tsunade was in a coma
Private trainor of Konohamaru
The location of the second part of the chunin exams
The eight tail's name
The girl who has a crush on Naruto
Sasuke's older brother
Carriers of tailed beasts
Copycat Ninja
One of the five elements
The name of Naruto's father
The name of the clan Shikamaru is from
The person who gave Kakashi his sharingan
What do Kankuro and Sasori both use?
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The jutsu Jiraiya taught Naruto
The jutsu available to those with the Mangekyo Sharingan
Konoha ninja who uses various weapons
The clan Kushina is from
The location of the battle with Sasuke
What jutsu does Hashirama Senju use?
Freebie: type 'x'
Team 7's temporary replacement for Kakashi
Demon of the Hidden Mist

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