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If Hulkamania runs wild on EWE, which animal is he riding on?
If you are what you sing, then you’re dumb. Which rock band are you from?
Which US State is the most eastern and most western?
If she is the ONE but he can be anything, what does he need to do to himself to get to her?
If my PES dispenser actually dispenses video games, what game genre would it dispense?
I thought Michael Schumacher was ‘my cool shoe maker’ but if he was, what would he be known as?
A friend of mine is part of a governing body called WTF. What the f*** is he experienced in?
You are running in and out of rooms, making rumours about each other. There is already an incident and it needs to be sorted. You think this is a game so what are you playing at?
Which Disney character could be considered a ‘Palindrome Princess’?
Bill went to a beach party and pulled some birds. He then got arrested for animal cruelty. Which bill am I on about?

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