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Does each statement below apply to the United Kingdom or the other country listed? Type U for UK, T for They.

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Which country...(U)K or (T)hey?They
is larger?Kazakhstan
is more populous?Libya
borders a larger number of other countries?Sweden
had a larger number of tourist visits in 2012?Italy
has more people born in the UK living there?Spain
has a more populous capital city? (metro area)Iran
suffered more casualties in WWII?Japan
has won more all-time Olympic medals? (UK as Great Britain)France
has a capital city that is further north?Germany
had a higher birth rate in 2013?Cuba
has a larger number of (official) Apple Retail Stores?China
has a taller tower?Russia
has the Cook Islands as one of its overseas territories?New Zealand
has a greater population density?Indonesia
has a higher GDP (nominal) per capita?Kuwait
has a more westerly point?Burkina Faso
has a larger number of (USD) billionaires based there?Canada
has a larger number of English speakers living there?Nigeria
has a higher point above sea level?Ireland
has a higher population % that follow Islam?India
consumed more whisky annually per capita in 2012?Uruguay
has a Antarctic territorial claim covering a greater area?Argentina
is home to more captive giant pandas?Austria
is a bigger producer of oil?Ecuador
has a larger number of active military personnel?Syria
has a longer coastline?Turkey
produced more nuclear power in 2012?Australia
has a stadium with a larger capacity?Qatar
contains more settlements with the name 'Lincoln'?United States
has a more southerly point?Kyrgyzstan

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