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Forced Order
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I'm screaming BBK, BBK, none of them flex like BBK
45 wapper, leave you in states like Kaka
I ain't got a brand new chain or a Roley
You wanna act like a G for the camera
I don't trust you if you ain't mandem
No peace signs, I'm gonna stab this verse
Skywalker flow, yeah, man will get spun
Skeng in my pocket can't you see the bulge in my coat
Alright, cool, let me go true, who are you?
Born in the ends, move food in the ends
Come to your house like a pizza delivery
How is this more than sophisticated savagery
Have you ever ate McDonald's on a G4
Hands in the cookie jar, ripping off riffs I guess that's taking the flipping biscuit
get messy when i Lionel twist a man
I'm a godfather, I'm happy to meet the parents
you ain't done dirt with the gang your a new yute.
Skeps, who's my man, what is he on?
I can't run when my enemies show
Got a nice outfit 'cos I flip darts Hands all over my zip parts

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