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Can you name the people that participated in the War of the Best ?

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To be executed.
Fleet Admiral.
Fleet Admiral's pet.
Magma Admiral.
Ice Admiral.
Light Admiral.
Vice Admiral renown for his fist fighting.
Vice Admiral that literally washes pirates.
Vice Admiral that dislikes bitter coffee.
Vice Admiral who is always smiling with a cigar in his mouth.
Vice Admiral who brought Boa Hancock to Impel Down.
Vice Admiral that can apparently turn into a spider.
Vice Admiral that has many scars across his face.
Vice Admiral who has a long beard and wears a long hat.
Vice Admiral who has a mustache and slicked-back hair.
Vice Admiral with a cigar, sunglasses, and a scar over his left eye.
Vice Admiral who wears a horned mask and has long orange hair.
Vice Admiral that can turn into a dalmatian.
The first giant Vice Admiral to be introduced in One Piece.
The _____ _____ towers over any other regular Marine.
Giant Squad Vice Admiral that was struck down by Oars Jr.
Giant Squad Vice Admiral who's face was pulverized by Whitebeard.
First Logia user introduced.
Bears a striking resemblance to Kuina.
Smoker's friend known as the 'Iron Cage'.
A Recruit that was once beaten to a pulp by Sanji.
A hypnotist that was once part of the Kuro Pirates.
Master Chief Petty Officer initially shown fleeing Marineford.
Petty Officer Second Class that wields kukri.
Lieutenant who told Sengoku about the events that happened at Impel Down.
An almost skeletal marine Captain.
There were a total of 100 000 of these who fought in the war.
Fully robotic copies of Bartholomew Kuma.
Bodyguard to Vegapunk who carries a large axe.
Doctor who took care of the injured Marines after the war.
World's greatest swordsman.
Cyborg that resembles a bear.
Giant with a leek-shaped head who steals shadows.
Flamboyantly dressed puppeteer.
Pirate Empress that carries a snake along.
The Empress' pet snake.
Nicknamed 'the Knight of the Sea'.
The main character who wants to save his brother.
Queen of the Okama.
Revolutionary who can cut anything as if it were paper.
These flamboyant prisoners are called _____.
Pathetic villain who is now being praised by famous criminals.
Becomes 'key' to unlocking Ace's cuffs.
Had a duel with Zoro in Arabasta.
A Logia user who was once very similar to Luffy.
The _________ that escaped from the cells in Impel Down.
One of the Eleven Supernovas who is called the 'Surgeon of Death'.
A talking bear...
Formerly a slave but brought into the Heart Pirates.
A young man. Wears sunglasses and a blue puffy hat.
A young man. Has a hat with 'Penguin' written on it.
Yonkou who can split Marineford in half.
1st Division captain of the Whitebeard Pirates.
3rd Division Whitebeard Pirate captain made of diamonds.
5th Whitebeard Division captain who has a curly mustache.
6th Division captain with pouches on his body.
7th Division captain that uses a living ball & chain as a weapon.
8th Division captain that is a fishman.
9th Division captain who is also a giant.
10th Division captain who carries a lot of guns on himself.
11th Division captain, large and fights with his fists.
12th Division captain, female that looks like a male.
13th Division captain nicknamed 'Water Buffalo'.
14th Division captain that uses a lance and a shield.
15th Division captain that can light his sword on fire.
16th Division captain, male that looks like a female.
Yonkou who only has one arm and massive amounts of Haki.
Said to have the highest IQ in East Blue.
An overweight man who always carries meat around.
Father to the marksman of the Strawhat Pirates.
People who came to assist Whitebeard are called ___ _____ _______.
New World ally that is descendant of an enemy from a previous storyline arc.
New World ally who is nicknamed 'Thunder Lord'.
New World ally who always carries a monkey on his shoulder.
New World ally who's ship can sail through ice.
New World ally, a tall man who wears knight-like armor.
New World allies who happen to be captain brothers.
New World ally who was fooled by the marines and stabs Whitebeard.
New World ally with green hair and sideburns.
New World ally with an unusual face and green robes.
New World ally with metallic shark-like teeth.
New World ally that resembles a walrus.
New World ally with a pink nose and a caterpillar Zoan.
New World ally who is quite round and has a small pet lion.
New World ally with a squid on his head.
New World ally who dresses like a king.
New World ally who wears a panda hat.
New World ally, a rotund female with missing teeth.
New World ally, a large fist-fighting man with afro-like hair.
New World ally with long hair, a beard, and a monkey-like face.
New World ally who is extremely tall and skinny, has square face.
New World ally who smokes and has a horned hat.
New World ally with a cowboy hat, whiskers, and a goatee.
New World ally, female with lipstick and frilled hat.
New World ally, short and has a double-sided lance.
New World ally with monkey-like face, scar, and sideburns.
New World ally who is large and has shallow eyes.
New World ally, large man with a mustache and cannons on each shoulder.
New World ally, slim swordman with forehead tattoo and and wavy hair in the air.
New World ally with swirly beard and turban.
New World ally with several chin beards and a pistol.
New World ally with pirate hat, long hair, and sad face.
New World ally with a tattoo on cheek and black hat.
New World ally with a downward arrow tattoo on nose.
New World ally, tall and has dark mane-like hair.
New World ally who constantly rides a big dog.
New World ally who wears a giraffe based attire.
New World ally who has clamp hands and looks like a robot.
New World ally with sunglasses and a feathered hat.
New World ally, tall and has a big nose.
New World ally, round in appearance, sleepy eyes, big lips.
New World ally who carries around an eagle, has a feathered hat.
New World ally, slim and has lollipops on each shoulder.
New World ally who is aged and banana-shaped hair.
Managed to capture Ace and become a Shichibukai.
A tall man that can snipe from a terrifying distance.
Muscular wrestler who is strong enough to lift a building.
Very sickly man who rides a horse and is nicknamed 'Shinigami'.
The Shinigami's horse.
An ex-policeman who has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.
An ex-warden of Impel Down.
The largest character to ever appear in One Piece.
An alcoholic who dresses up like a jester.
The only female in the Blackbeard Pirates.
A level 6 Impel Down Prisoner who is called the 'Corrupt King'.

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