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Can you name the following Monstercat songs by their first lyric?

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With every step you take
Breathe me in
Sometimes I can hear you calling
Stay here, see me come undone
Spread your wings to the night
I can't tell you why
Can't you see? Everything is a mess
Hear ha, you're not the one for me
I can't belong here
I closed my eyes
Our next town beyond the sky
Lay down, staring at the sunset
The truth is running in our blood
We don't care what they say
Stars shine into the night
When all of your wind has gone
You gave me the power to survive
What I think of the future?
I see your face in the crowd
Shine hope from far away
I can't shake this feeling away
We don't believe it
Feel the breeze rushing past, I face
You want me to be someone else
You have a dream
I just know that I have to believe
Look at the sky
I miss those nights when we were younger and we would never sleep
I can tell you one that I never ever said to her
The air is thinner as we climb
Don't be afraid of the dark
I was wrong
Look beyond the highs and lows
Rockin' to the daylight, I'll show you how it's done right
You so fly walking by that you caught my eye
Be still now, and feel the water
I have seen, uh, killer bees
I want you, to hang out with you
I remember you would say it's all okay
You know there's something that I saw about your ways
Paper at the doorstep
I don't really wanna drive home
Hey, do you remember me?
Ladies and Gentlemen!
You paint a picture in my mind
A horizon lights up in the palm of my hands
I am lost with no direction
The sunlight begins to fade now
It's been too long
A million miles away
I don't understand what they want from me
Close my eyes, it's all coming to me
I'm running away from a past I left behind
There is nothing that they can do
Still taste the sweetness of your lips
Oh how I missed the days
Cambridge, to Boston
Tuning out of starlight
I occasionally think how quickly our differences wouldwide would vanish
Right from the start

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