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Can you name the Friends, Foes and Spells required to join the Order of the Phoenix?

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KNOW YOUR FOES (Enter 'Death Eaters' to Continue)
Dangerous, Impersonator.
Ruthless Killers, Fraud 'DADA' Teachers at Hogwarts.
D_ _ _ _ _ v
On the run. Previous Headmaster of Durmstrang.
Husbands Dead. The other's in love with one who can't.
Slippery Family.
Former Friend of 3 of our Members.
The Big Man. Dare you Write his Name?
Y_ _ _ _ _
KNOW YOUR SPELLS (Enter 'Magic' to Continue.)
Spell to Shield Yourself
Spell to Disarm Opponent
Spell to Stun Opponent
Spell to Revive an Ally
Spell to Bind a Foe with Ropes
Spell to Slow an Opponent
Spell to Freeze an Opponent
Spell to Lock a Door on an Approaching Foe
Spell to Lock and Opponent's Legs
General Counter Spell
Spell to Kill (Only If Necessary)
KNOW YOUR TEAM (Enter 'Order' to Continue)
Don't mention Nagini around this Man
Bitten by 5
Another Weasley...
Auror, best of his time.
See's Everything.
She's up for a CAT fight.
_ _ _ _wobbles
Most Untrustworthy Member
Husband of 37
The Biggest amongst our ranks
He IS a team member, much to Padfoot's disgust.
Duck Face.

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