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Forced Order
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The original briefcase projectile storage
Tropius posted a few contests earlier that is hated due to MYMer bias
Easiest char MW has ever made a set for
MasterWarlord wished Missingno got on instead of this set
This set was kicked off a roster and thus discontinued
Only MW set included in the graveyard that is notable enough to include in this 'trivia'
First MW set with musical headers
This along with Burgermeister are some of Kat's favorite sets
Tanookie's most hated set
MW's first mind control
In MW's top 5 movesets, to this day
This character is not intelligent enough for the playstyle they were given - Junahu
Controversy exists over the name of this moveset
MW considered this his best set for a long period of time
MW wants to play this char's game with the most of any game when he meets a MYMer IRL
MW's first moveset
MW performed such a bad job with the original he was dumped for the remake
No set-up required, just add water!
MW's most underrated set, to this day in his opinion
This set's corpse was donated to BKupa
This moveset has art of it drawn by Tirkaro
This moveset was hated because DM said 2 sentences about it
DM should read this moveset
First moveset to spike through stage
Only been ripped off once in 12 despite having a completely unique concept, hated in his contest and to this day anyway
This set was recognized as tacky even in its time
The ugliest headers of any MW set, period
This moveset contains Captain Ginyu's Up Special
This set is still available for public viewing but has nothing but specials, a grab, and a pummel
Rool refuses to comment specifically on this moveset because he is a prick
The original tether link character
Rool preferred this set to the updated version
MW's Heaviest Set
Posted on the same page as Dracula
Lionheart's most negative review
Made because of a SM
Unfinished set that enslaves sexy elves
In-Character Swalot
Drops BOULDER for dair
Balanced match-ups against all MYM!
If I SV this set, it will obv not be bias
MW's first camper
Rool's set with the least reasoning to dislike
MW's most protagonistic set
MW would kill to be able to change this moveset's dsmash and bair, among other things
A simplistic moveset due to self imposed limitations
Disney Rumble before Disney Rumble
Nair: Whorenado
PTA character
A set made twice, once without MW
The only set MW has kept rotting away in his archives forever he actually intends to finish
Source of the Khold scandal
MW's most difficult set to play
The set which was most important for MW to create
Moveset has larval form of pummel KOs
Passive mechanic moves characters who are asleep
Chars with prone abuse are conceptually broken
A more jokeish set than MW's canonical jokeset
Character who 'can't KO' who has half of his moves as KO moves
A set for a character HR parodied to get 10 stars
This moveset is more of a generic represenative of its series
Smady hates the only thing that makes this set good
MW's worst moveset in recent history
The only set in MYM where the name of set has changed
Original Prone Abuse
Lionheart prefers this set to Arthas
Wizzerd's favorite MW set
Junahu's favorite set of its particular contest
Many, many movesets have this moveset's bair
Keroro is not underpowered
Secret plot to destroy a movement
creates a fake object with utilt
Phatcat's favorite MW set, to this day
Moveset gave MW the title 'The Detail Nazi'
Lucario Remix
Smady is insufferable
MW credits this as the starter of slip'n'slide despite another MW set being the starter of slip'n'slide
One of 2 survivors of a movement
The main inspiration for Tubba Blubba
MW's second most underrated moveset
Junahu read this set before the set above it
Only MW set to ever be lost in production
Original Character do not steal
One of 2 MW set in Junahu's canon
This set's corpse was donated to David
This moveset was claimed as a rip-off of a set MW posted -after- it
MW's most forgotten set that holds up well

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