Crash Bandicoot Boss Order

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Can you name the Bosses from each Crash game?

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GameBossBoss Number
Crash Bandicoot1
Crash Bandicoot2
Crash Bandicoot3
Crash Bandicoot4
Crash Bandicoot5
Crash Bandicoot6
Crash Bandicoot 21
Crash Bandicoot 22
Crash Bandicoot 23
Crash Bandicoot 24
Crash Bandicoot 25
Crash Bandicoot Warped1
Crash Bandicoot Warped2
Crash Bandicoot Warped3
Crash Bandicoot Warped4
Crash Bandicoot Warped5
Crash Team Racing1
Crash Team Racing2
Crash Team Racing3
Crash Team Racing4
Crash Team Racing5
Crash Bash1
Crash Bash2
Crash Bash3
Crash Bash4
Wrath of Cortex1
Wrath of Cortex2
Wrath of Cortex3
GameBossBoss Number
Wrath of Cortex4
Wrath of Cortex5
Crash Nitro Kart1
Crash Nitro Kart2
Crash Nitro Kart3
Crash Nitro Kart4
Crash Nitro Kart5
Crash Twinsanity1
Crash Twinsanity2
Crash Twinsanity3
Crash Twinsanity4
Crash Twinsanity5
Crash Twinsanity6
Crash Twinsanity7
Crash Twinsanity8
Crash Twinsanity9
Mind Over Mutant1
Mind Over Mutant2
Mind Over Mutant3
The Huge Adventure (GBA)1
The Huge Adventure (GBA)2
The Huge Adventure (GBA)3
The Huge Adventure (GBA)4
N-Tranced (GBA)1
N-Tranced (GBA)2
N-Tranced (GBA)3
N-Tranced (GBA)4
N-Tranced (GBA)5

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