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antibody moleculeA. 4.41*1030 lbs (2.00*1030 kg)
baseballB. 1.32*1025 lbs (5.97*1024 kg)
blue whale*C. 1.62*1023 lbs (7.35*1022 kg)
Boeing 747 (max takeoff weight)D. ~771,618 lbs (~350,000 kg)
bowling ballE. ~392,423 lbs (~178,000 kg)
EarthF. ~11,905 lbs (~5,400 kg)
elephant*G. ~397 lbs (~180 kg)
golfballH. ~155 lbs (~70 kg)
half-gallon of milkI. 15 lbs (7 kg)
human*J. 4 lbs (1.81 kg)
hummingbird*K. 0.32 lbs (0.144 kg)
hydrogen atomL. 0.10 lbs (0.045 kg)
MoonM. 7.72*10-3 lbs (3.5*10-3 kg)
mountain gorilla*N. 6.61*10-5 lbs (3*10-5 kg)
raindrop*O. 5.51*10-22 lbs (2.5*10-22 kg)
SunP. 3.68*10-27 lbs (1.67*10-27 kg)
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