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Can you name the words to complete the steps for baking a potato?

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PotatoPotatoPotato (Hints)
First, you need some ______. Russet ______ are the most popular for baking.Your main ingredient.
You are also going to need some ___ (olive or Canola ___ are preferred, but any non-motor ___ will work)...Very slippery.
...and some ____. Many people prefer Kosher, I use sea ____. Any will do.Sodium chloride?
Clean your potatoes with a stiff-bristled brush and cold _____. In a pinch the side of a sponge will work, but be careful not to skin your potatoes!It's called 'ice' in its solid form.
_____ you've thoroughly cleaned the potatoes, look them over and remove any bruises or miscolored spots.Well, it's not gonna be before you clean it...
Using your average ____, work your way around each potato stabbing deeply into its flesh. 6-12 stabs should do it depending on the size of the potatoes you are using.Pronged eating utensil.
This allows _____ to escape during the cooking process.Vapor.
Your potatoes have now been cleaned and poked. Dry them off with a paper towel and _______ the oven to 350°F.You gotta warm it up!
Take a small bowl and ___ just a splash of your chosen oil, and have a container ready for the taters once they've been oiled.Defined as: increase the amount, number, or degree
The objective is to LIGHTLY coat each potato with oil. My method is to dab each potato in the oil and then use my _____ to spread the dab around the entire spud.Those things on the ends of your arms.
Then lightly salt each one and put aside as you wait for the ____ to heat up.What're you gonna use to cook them?
Now you should have a container full of cleaned, poked, and oiled potatoes. Arrange them in a 350°F oven over a ______ sheet to catch any drippings.What you're doing to the potatoes by heating them up.
Cooking time will vary from 1 hour and up depending on the size and quantity of potatoes you cook. The ____ should be puffed up, golden-brown and crispy...Think outside the potato.
...and the potato should squish easily and be very ____ on the inside.Or else you'd be biting into a rock.
Careful, potatoes retain ____ for quite a while!Just came from a 350°F cooking apparatus.
To ____ a baked potato, take your fork and stab a dotted line half way around a potato. Using your thumb and index finger squeeze at both ends of the line. It will pop right ____.So that you can put stuff like sour cream or cheese inside the potato.
There you have it, easy and delicious baked potatoes! Now that you've learned how to bake a potato, you get to have fun dressing it with your favorite topping and ______ it! Yum...The best part.

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