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Can you name the Name and Roman Numeral that follows the name of individuals throughout history?

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ClueName including Roman NumeralLived / Leader of
Nineteenth Dynasty Pharaoh known for his depictions as the Pharoah of Exodus (although this is not historically proven)1302 - 1213 BC / Pharaoh of Egypt from 1279 - 1213 BC
Invaded Babylon in 539 and took the throne for Persia; he eventually ruled the largest empire the world had yet seen from Asia to Europe, the Mediterranean to the Middle-East576 - 530 BC / King of the Achaemenid Empire (First Persian Empire) from 559 - 530 BC
This Macedonian was tutored by Aristotle and went on to conquer the entire known world, he was known for being 'Great' and dying young356 - 323 BC / King of Macedon (Macedonia) from 336 - 323 BC
This Egyptian Queen gained her throne through charming the likes of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, according to legend she had a nice Asp69 - 30 BC / co-ruler of Egypt 51 - 44 BC; Pharaoh of Egypt 44 - 30 BC
Pope who talked everyone into the First Crusade with his sermon at the Council of Clermont in 10951035 - 1099 / Pope from 1088 - 1099
This French King was known as 'the Fair,' he was extremely in debt, so he rounded up jews stole their money then expelled them, he was in debt with Templars so he killed them too1268 - 1314 / King of France from 1285 - 1314
English King who deposed his regent Roger Mortimer; the only living male relative to France’s Charles IV causing him to declare himself King of France starting the 100 years war1312 - 1377 / King of England from 1327 - 1377
Born with the Enlish and French crown, lost his French crown to Joan of Arc, lost his English crown to the War of the Roses, died in the Tower of London1421 - 1471 / King of England from 1422 - 1461, 1470 - 1471; King of France from 1422 - 1453
ClueName including Roman NumeralLived / Leader of
Born to a contested French crown, Joan of Arc delivered it to him putting an end to the 100 years war, she died a witch he died 'Victorious'1403 - 1461 / King of France 1422 - 1461
This Spanish king is famous for a couple things, he united Spain with his marriage to Isabella, he said yes to Columbus, and yes to the Inquisition1452 - 1516 / King of United Aragon and Castile (Spain) from 1475 - 1516
The French Sun King who built the Palace of Versailles and ruled seventy-two and a half years long, one of the longest of any European monarch1638 - 1715 / King of France from 1643 - 1715
This Mad King of the United Kingdom is remembered for being King when the American Colonies won independence from the British1738 - 1820 / King of England from 1760 - 1820
From 1789 - 1792 his power was systematically being undermined by French revolutionists who finally arrested him in 1792 and chopped off his head in 17931754 - 1793 / King of France from 1774 - 1792
The last Tsar of Russia, he was slaughtered along with his family following the Bolshevik Revolution, reportedly his daughter Anastasia did not survive1868 - 1918 / Tsar of Russia from 1894 - 1917
The last German Emperor (Kaiser) and King of Prussia, supported Austria-Hungary following the crisis of July 1914 which led to World War I1859 - 1941 / German Emperor from 1888 - 1918

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