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Season 1-Episode 8 - Time Enough at Last
A bookish bank clerk can't find enough time to read. On his lunch hour, he reads of the H-bomb while down in the vault of the bank. It goes off suddenly, leaving him as the last man on Earth. In the ruins of a sporting goods store he finds a gun and considers suicide but he catches sight of the remains of a public library (A) He gathers up many books and is about to read them; however, he breaks his glasses. (B) He reads many books but realizes he misses human connection and kills himself. (C) He reads many books; however, before he gets to the ending of David Copperfield another bomb goes off. (D) He enters the library but all the books have burned because of the bomb, he lives out his life searching for books but never finds any. 
Season 1-Episode 9 - Perchance to Dream
A middle-aged man with a heart condition, hasn't slept in 87 hours and of late has been dreaming in sequences about an amusement park. He thinks a woman in his dreams is trying to kill him by scaring him so badly that his heart will give out and he'll die. He realizes it’s all in his imagination and he goes to a psychiatrist. He believes the doctor cannot help him and leaves; however, the receptionist is the woman from his dreams, (A) He wakes up, it turns out it was all a dream; he is sleeping next to the woman from his dreams. (B) He panics and jumps out a high-rise window to his death; however, in reality he has fallen asleep in the office. (C) He is scared to death, his heart gives out and the woman tries to revive him to no avail. (D) He runs back into the doctor’s office, the doctor is in a chair not facing him, he turns around, and it is the woman from his dreams. He looks around and realizes he is at the carnival again. He is so scared he dies; in reality he has fallen asleep in the office. 
Season 1-Episode 10 - Judgment Night
A man is aboard a British passenger ship during WWII but he cannot recall who he is. He is agitated and keeps experiencing déjà vu. Others begin to notice that he seems nervous and begin to question him, including the captain. He begins to feel a sense of foreboding and thinks he may be a German submarine captain. The ship’s engines halt and he goes crazy trying to tell people they are about to die and then a German U-boat sinks the ship killing everyone on board. (A) The second-in-command is on the U-boat and he enters the captain’s cabin but it is empty. (B) The man wakes up, he is home safe having a recurring nightmare of a mission he carried out during WWII. (C) The captain of the U-boat is shown congratulating the sailors, he enters his cabin, you see a picture of his brother on the wall, it is the man. (D) You see a flashback of the second-in-command on the U-boat asking the captain how God will punish them in the afterlife for sinking an innocent passenger ship. 
Season 1-Episode 11 - And When the Sky Was Opened
Three men survive a crash landing during a test flight after disappearing from radar and reappearing. Two are in the hospital in high spirits, wondering when the third will be done getting his broken leg set. The next day, one of the two men asks if there is any news on when the third man will be back; however, he has never heard of the third man. Later, they are at the bar and the second man has a sense that he doesn’t belong, he goes to a phone booth and calls home, they don’t known him. The other man goes to the phone booth but it is empty and everyone tells him it was a solo flight. (A) He is shown later in a mental institution yelling about the two men who didn’t make it back. (B) He disappears too but then the two other men enter the bar and the paper shows that only two men were on the flight. (C) He tells the bartender they entered a black hole and then disappears. (D) He disappears, the paper shows nothing about the crash, the hospital room is empty, and the hanger where the ship was is empty. 
Season 1-Episode 12 - What You Need
An elderly street vendor has the ability to give people what they need before they know they need it; for instance, he gives an ex-baseball player a bus ticket, the player is offered a position at the destination of the ticket. However, the vendor is spotted by a small time thug who wants to take advantage of the ability. He harasses the vendor and the vendor helps him, one object saves his life, another clues him to a winning horse at the track. Then, the vendor gives him new shoes. (A) The Thug is walking down the street and murdered by a hit man for wearing the unique shoes, the vendor knew the thug planed on killing him (B) The Thug murders the vendor, he reads in the papers that the a single witness only saw his old shoes. (C) The Thug is walking across the street and slips on the wet pavement, he his run over by a car and dies, the vendor knew the thug planed on killing him (D) The Thug kills the vendor, as he walks away he slips in the blood and dies from cracking his head open. 
Season 1-Episode 13 - The Four of Us Are Dying
A con man can change his face to make it look like anyone. He enters a nightclub and becomes a girlfriend’s boyfriend so he can seduce her. He then impersonates a gangster and extorts money from a mob boss; however, he is found out and they put a hit on him; so, he looks at a poster of a boxer and takes the boxer’s form. While walking down the street he meet’s the boxer’s father who is angry with him for breaking up their family and hurting his mother. He pushes the father out of the way and returns home as himself. However, detectives are waiting for him at home so he flees out into the street. (A) He changes back to himself and is gunned down in the street by the mob boss. (B) He changes to the boyfriend and is killed by the girlfriend for flirting with another woman. (C) He changes into the boxer and is shot by the father who is fed up with the boxer’s behavior. (D) He changes into the gangster and is killed by the detectives because the gangster is wanted for killing a cop. 
Season 1-Episode 14 - Third from the Sun
Two men work for the government making hydrogen bombs in preparation for an imminent nuclear war. They make plans to leave on an experimental spacecraft when reports come in that the enemy has plans to inflict a doomsday. The day comes and they break into the facility with their families and are preparing to board. However, their supervisor has figured out their plans and is waiting with a gun, determined to stop them. (A) They subdue the supervisor, board the ship and take off, as the ship gets further out you see the planet they left was Earth. (B) They subdue the supervisor, board the ship and take off, one of the men comments that he cannot believe they found a planet with humans, a planet called Earth, which is where they are heading (C) They are arrested, later they are told the reports were not about their planet but about another planet with humans, called Earth. (D) They are arrested and going crazy that they are all going to die, you see that they are on Earth and then the planet explodes.  
Season 1-Episode 15 - I Shot an Arrow into the Air
A manned space flight crash-lands on an unknown asteroid or planet, only four passengers survive, one of which is in critical condition and soon dies. The landscape is barren and the planet looks deserted. The three men have low expectations for survival and do not think they will be rescued, so they set out to find anything that could improve their chances of survival. However, one man kills another over his water bottle, which leads the commanding officer to kill that man, leaving him all alone. (A) He walks up a hill and sees telephone poles and street signs; they never made it off earth. (B) He is rescued within minutes; however, he has a bleak outlook for the human race because at their core they are savage beasts. (B) He finds a fresh-water lake and realizes both his men died for nothing and now he is all alone, so he cries. (D) He finds out it is a survival experiment and that the three of them have unique skills and will only be able to survive if they work together. 

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