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Pre-Season Pilot - The Time Element
A man visits a Psychoanalyst, complaining about a recurring dream in which he imagines waking up in Honolulu just prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He tries to warn everyone but they think he's crazy; he wakes up when the Japanese Planes begin their assault. However, the man dozes off after telling his story and when the Psychoanalyst looks over to where the man was lying down he sees the man has disappeared.--///--(A) The man time travels when he falls asleep. (B) The man is a time traveler asking a professional’s opinion on how to warn the sailors so they’ll believe him. (C) The Psychoanalyst is confused and tries to find the man; he discovers that the man was killed during Pearl Harbor. (D) The Psychoanalyst realizes he is asleep; he wakes up in Honolulu wearing a sailor’s uniform to the sound of Japanese Planes. 
Season 1-Pilot - Where Is Everybody?
A man wearing an Air Force jumpsuit finds himself wandering in an abandoned town, he cannot remember who he is or where he is. There are signs that people are in the town i.e. food on stove, cigar burning, etc. but he cannot find anyone. He feels like he is being watched and begins to go mad, in a frenzied state he collapses and strikes a “walk” sign at an intersection…the screen goes black.--///--(A) The man is dead and in his own hell. (B) The man wakes up to a family of 12 running around him and he yells, “I just want some peace and quite!” (C) The man is in a comma surrounded by family members crying. (D) The man is in an isolation chamber preparing for a space flight and has gone crazy. 
Season 1-Episode 2 - One for the Angels
A pitchman (salesman) who is close with the neighborhood children is told by Death that he is to die at midnight. He makes a deal with Death to continue living until he makes one last great sales pitch, Death agrees. The pitchman then renounces his life as a salesman and is satisfied that he beat death. However, a girl is then hit by a car while she is crossing the street; Death tells the pitchman that he will claim her at midnight to replace him.--///--(A) He begins praying to God trying to “pitch” him reasons the child should live, God accepts and he is welcomed into Heaven (B) He tricks Death into buying something from him; thus, reneging on his deal and sacrificing himself for the child. (C) He attempts to sell Death something but Death will not buy anything and keeps repeating, “A deal’s a deal.” (D) He is scared to die and lives forever, lonely and miserable wishing he did not make a deal with Death. 
Season 1-Episode 3 - Mr. Denton on Doomsday
A washed-up old gunslinger down and out on his luck is offered a potion from a mysterious stranger that will make him the fastest gunner in the West for 10 seconds. A young man comes into town trying to earn a name for himself by quick-drawing versus an old gunslinger. He challenges the old gunslinger and the two face off. Before the face off, the old gunslinger drinks his vial; he looks across and notices that the young gunslinger is drinking an identical vial of liquid…the clock tower strikes for them to draw.--///--(A) They draw at the same time and shoot each other in their gun hands; thus, making them both unable to be gunslingers anymore. (B) They draw at the same time and shoot each other dead. (C) The old gunslinger is so surprised at the young man’s vial of liquid he doesn’t draw and is shot dead; it turns out the young gunslinger’s vial was simply water. (D) 10 seconds pass while they both are shooting very fast but missing. The two men realize they cannot aim straight anymore. 
Season 1-Episode 4 - The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine
An aging film starlet secludes herself from the world. She locks herself in her living room watching reels of her old films. Her agent tries luring her out of the house by inviting her old “leading man” from the films to visit her. She sees how old he is and is horrified; thus, leading her deeper into her own seclusion. The phone rings, the maid picks up and hears that the “leading man” has passed away. She heads to the living room to tell the starlet.--///--(A) Finds the starlet dead, the reel is repeating the “leading man” and her kissing in a film. (B) Finds the starlet is gone; however, the reel is running and she notices the starlet with her old acting friends all looking at her from the screen smiling as they walk away. (C) Finds the starlet young again asking for her agent because she wants to get in touch with the “leading man.” (D) Finds the starlet watching a reel of the “leading man,” without even telling her, the starlet says, “Now, I can remember him the way he was.” 
Season 1-Episode 5 - Walking Distance
While driving cross-country, a middle-aged executive stops at a gas station near his childhood home. He decides to walk into town where he is surprised to see nothing has changed, soda is still a dime, people are alive that he knows to be dead, and he realizes he is back in time. He sees himself as a child walking home and follows him. He talks to his parents who don’t believe him, so he starts walking back; however, he sees childhood self on the carousel. He tries to tell his childhood self to enjoy it while it lasts, the kid gets scared and falls off the carousel --///--(A) His childhood self laughs at him and he disappears, you see that he has crashed on his cross-country trip and is dead (B) The child is not moving and he slowly disappears while his father looks on in shock (C) His father runs up and tells him to go to his own time, as he walks back to his car he now has a limp (D) His father runs him out of town, his father tells his childhood self, “Never grow up to be like that miserable man.” 
Season 1-Episode 6 - Escape Clause
A mean-spirited, abusive hypochondriac sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for immortality. The Devil reminds him of an “escape clause” meaning at anytime he can ask for death; however, at that time he relinquishes his soul. The man starts living a reckless life full of cheap thrills. His wife dies trying to stop him from jumping off a building. He thinks it would be fun to beat the electric chair, so he tells the police he murdered her. He goes to trial.(A) He is only sentenced to life imprisonment, he realizes now he must sit in jail for eternity. (B) He is sentenced to death by electric chair; however, they don’t stop when he doesn’t die so he choses to die to stop the pain. (C) He is sentenced to death, the Devil comes and says that by confessing to a murder he did not commit and being sentenced to death, he asked for death. It was in the fine print. (D) He is only sentenced to life imprisonment, he chooses to die instead of rot in jail forever, the guards find him dead in his cell.  
Season 1-Episode 7 - The Lonely
In the future a man is convicted of murder and sent to a deserted planet to serve a life sentence of solitary confinement. He has a guard that brings him supplies every four years, and on one trip he leaves a mysterious package. The man opens the package and finds it is a female robot, he assumes the guard does not want him to go crazy with loneliness. However, he rejects the robot and insults her, she cries, so they talk. He realizes she has feelings and falls in love with her. The guard returns and tells him he has been pardoned; there is only room on the ship for one person.--///--(A) He refuses to leave the robot, the guard shoots her; thus reminding him she is a robot and he leaves. (B) He loves the robot so much he gives up his seat for her. (C) He refuses to leave and he stays in solitary with the robot. (D) He refuses to leave, after the ship takes off the robot runs out of batteries and he is left alone on the solitary planet.  

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