World of Chem:Food Midterm 2 #2

Can you name the World of Chem:Food Midterm 2 #2?

The world's heaviest man, Manuel Uribe weighed about ___kg last year.
In 1960, the average weight for a man was 166lbs, and in 2002 it is ___lbs
In 1960, the average weight for a woman was 140lbs and is now ___lbs.
The one bit of advice for losing weight by Hippocrates was that ___ ___ helps reduce weight because we use energy to keep warm
___ is fat deposits at the back of the legs. Neither ointments nor machines do not work to get rid of this
Obesity is a risk factor of ___.
Obesity is a risk factor of ___.
Obesity is a risk factor of ___.
Obesity is a risk factor of ___.
Obesity is a risk factor of ___.
We are seeing an increase in ___ _ ___ (a disease) in North America due to obesity.
Higher rates of obesity can be attributed in part to the fact that there is more ___ in our diets today because it is found in sweeteners such as HFCS which is cheaper than sucrose
A recent study found that men with abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, or both were more likely to have high concentrations of ___ ___ in their urin
Phthalates are used in the production of ___ ___
Extra weight at the belly is an independent risk factor for ___
Men tend to put on extra fat in the abdominal region while women tend to put in on their ___.
___ = Weight(kg)/Height(m^2) and a value of 30 would mean you are probably obese.
___ __ ___ ratio is another way to measure fat (can be better than previous answer).
A high value for the previous two answers means that your risk of heart disease and cancer ar significantly ___
The ___ is a unit of measurement of energy. It is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by one degree Celsius.
1 food calorie = 1 ___
The ___ is used to determine how many calories are contained in a food.
A glass of orange juice has ___ calories
A square of fudge has 155 calories. 1 gram of ___ is also about 155 calories but when you light it, the energy is released immediately.
___ is the energy consumption by all the biochemical processes going on in your body.
The ___ ___ ___ is the amount of energy your body requires if you were at complete rest for 24 hours (breathing, heart beating, organs functioning, etc).
___ requires more energy on top of the previous answer.
___ requires about 2.8 calories per minute.
___ requires about 3.2 calories per minute.
___ requires about 5.0 calories per minute.
___ requires about 21.7 calories per minute.
___ requires about 26.7 calories per minute.
There are about ___ calories in a slice of apple pie.
___ is about 1400-1700 calories per day.
North American agriculture produces food to the effect of ___ calories per person per day.
People who have more efficient matabolism require ___(more/fewer) calories to keep their body functioning.
The ___ Indians, who live mostly in Arizona, are an example of the genetic component involved in obesity.
A ___(low/high) metabolic rate when young predicts obesity.
Reducing calorie intake ___(increases/decreases) BMR
Increasing exercise ___(increases/decreases) BMR
___ ___ was a New York City photographer that documented his journey of weight loss by running (lost a bit in 3 months, a lot after a year and regained a little over the years).
The cure rate for obesity is lower than the cure rate for cancer: only about _% of people manage to keep the weight off.
An example of a surgical weight loss option is ___ ___ where the size of the stomach is reduced so it hurts when you eat too much.
Since the 1920s, there have been over ___ diets published
Ketogenic diets are low in ___ (therefore high in fat and proteins). You begin to produce ketone bodies in your urine when on this type of diet.
Dr. ___ ___ made the first ketogenic diet, 'The Last Chance Diet' and a lot of people trying it died because it was missing some essential amino acids.
The ___ diet is high in protein and low in carbs but is deficient in fruits and fiber and puts extra stress on the kidneys.
The ___ ___ ___ ___ monitors 6000 people who have lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for a year.
Only __% of these people have used diet alone, the rest use a combination of die and exercise.
___ ___ did a study comparing the Atkins diet to the American Heart Association diet for 6 months and showed that the people on the Atkins diet lost more weight, gained HDL and low
Dr. Arthur Agatson modified the Atkins diet and came up with the ___ ___ ___ which reduced consumption of 'bad' carbs like bananas and baked potatoes (high glycemic index)
Barry Sears created the ___ diet which tries to keep a ration of carbs, protein and fat (40%, 30%, 30%).
___ ___, a French accountant, made a diet with a low glycemic index and low in caloric intake.
___ ___ was another person who made a low glycemic index diet
Dr. Dean Ornish promoted a ___(low/high) carb and low fat diet that lowered cholesterol and weight
The ___ ___ ___ diet claims that combining foods in the right way will lead to weight loss.
The Fat Blocker Diet requires dieters to eat ___, a carbohydrate extracted from shellfish shells that can't be broken down by the body and prevents fat from being absorbed.
Michael Zemel came up with the ___ diet which has been shown to lower blood pressure and body weight.
Low intake of the previous answer causes kidneys to release more ___ (a hormone) but also causes fat to be absorbed by fat cells
The greatest observed weight loss in these studies wasin the range of ___-___mg of calcium from low fat dairy products.
The ___ diet guarantees weight loss because you can only eat their products so they can control how many calories you consume.
Meal replacement products, like ___-___-___ may work short term but will not satisfy your hunger
___ ___ meals taste good but only contain about 300 calories because they are very small portions.
Most successful dieters ___ (do/do not) enroll in programs nor do they use meal replacements or drugs.
Eating ___(low/high) glycemic index foods helps to curb hunger.
Minimizing sugar intake and eating ___(low/high) fiber foods helps with weight loss.
___ slows the absorption of food which results in you eating more slowly for a long time (overall eating less) and increases satiety (satisfaction of taste).
___ (high/low) energy density foods like soups and fruits enhance the feeling of fullness.
A study showed that people who lose just __% of their weight report significant improvement in their sex lives.
Approximately __% of people in Canada and 34% of people in the US are overweight (BMI between 25 and 30).
In Canada in 1980, a person would drink 75L of soft drinks per year while today that number is 115L. These numbers in the US are 120L and ___L respectively.
Today, about __% of sugar used in North America is HFCS
Between 1923 and 1975, the North American behind grew __cm on average.
___ is the study of obesity.
Diet drugs can target ___.
Diet drugs can target ___.
Diet drugs can target ___.
Some drugs that aim to treat weight loss contain ___ because it is chemogenic (increases metabolic activity) but you would have to drink a large amount of coffee to make a differen
___ is the active ingredient in Ephedra (it is an amine)
The previous answer belongs to the same family as ___ which is speed, a stimulant.
___ was a supplement that combined caffeine and ephedrine to stimulate the basal metabolic rate but caused 155 deaths due to stiumlant effects (affected cardiovascular system)
The previous supplement was banned in January of 2004 after it had sales of $1 billion per year and it killed ___ ___, a baseball player.
In Canada it is only banned if the dose is greater than _mg, if caffein is present, or if it is labeled for weight loss and/or appetite suppression.
___ and Octopamine are extracted from citrus fruits and are now used more than ephedrine (also used as a decongestant)
Nicotine is another ___ substance and makes it harder for people to stop smoking because it will decrease their BMR and they will gain some weight.
___ is another metabolic drug that increases BMR and was involved in the Von Bulow Affair where Claus Von Bulow was accused but never found guilty of killing his wife with it.
2,4-dinitrophenol was a ___ substance used to make gun powder and expended calories in form of heat. (eventually banned due to bad side effects, 20 people died from it)
___ ___ absorbs fat effeciently and burn the energy to create heat, babies have a lot of this to help them keep warm
___ is an over-the-counter drug in the US that blocked lipases from metabolizing fat. (only about 20% less fat ended up being metabolized)
Side effects of the previous answer included gastrointestinal discomfort, loose stool and malabsorption of ___-___ ___
alli is a new form of Orlistat and each capsule now contains about __mg instead of 120mg
The diet is controlled by ___ (a neurotransmitter)
The diet is controlled by ___ (a neurotransmitter)
noradrenaline can be affected by ___ and inhalers based on this were available but cause many problems (Elvis Presley was addicted to this)
___ is a derivative of the previous answer with a hydrogen replaced by a methyl group. It has fewer side effects but is less effective)
A drug called ___ contained phenylpropanolamine and has a side-effect of loss of appetite (first seen in Contac-c, a cold remedy)
Using the previous answer in large amounts can cause ___.
It was also linked to ___ and eventually banned.
Women aged 18-49 who took PPA-containing cold remedies were 3 times more likely to suffer a hemorrhagic stroke while the same group who took PPA-containing appetite-suppressants we
Richard Wurtman, a doctor at MIT, realized that carbohydrates decrease appetite by increasing ___ (an amino acid) levels in the brain
more of the previous answer increases ___ levels which cuts appetite.
___ works on Serotonin levels and was sold under the name Ponderal by the Servier company but causes drowsiness.
___ was mixed with the previous answer (called Fen/Phen) in hopes that this added drug (a stimulant) would counteract the drowsiness)
However, this drug still caused drowsiness, as well as depression, pulmonary problems and ___(increased/decreased) sex drive
Fenfluramine is a chiral molecule as it has a carbon with four different substituents on it meaning it has two different forms called ___.
A drug that has two forms may interact with a certain ___ site in one way but not the other
___ is the right-handed form of Fenfluramine that reduced the appetite while Levfenfluramine (left-handed form) caused side-effects
The previous answer was purified and marketed by Wyeth-Ayerst in 1996 under the name ___.
Fen/Phen, Redux and Fenfluramine were eventually banned in 1997 because people using them would develop ___ ___ on their heart valves.
Obesity causes ___ deaths per year
___ acts as a reuptake inhibitor to increase the amount of serotonin in the synapse.
___ is a reuptake inhibitor and also increases serotonin production causing an oversupply of serotonin in the synapse (called Serotonin Syndrome)
Today, there are only _ diet drugs allowed in North America
___ is a reuptake inhibitor for both Norepinephrine and Serotonin (now banned in US, Europe and Canada due to many deaths)
___ was produced by Servier Laboratories contains the same functional chemical group as fenfluramine and therefore has similar side effects.
___ is a CB1 Cannabinoid Receptor Antagonist which was put on the market but later banned and was made to block the cannabinoid receptors that make you hungry (these receptors are
___ is a substance that when injected in obese rats made them lose weight but didn't work in humans because we are deficient in the receptor, not the hormone.
___ is the first diet drug approved for pets, it is a triglyceride transfer protein inhibitor.

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