World of Chem:Food Midterm 2

Can you name the World of Chem:Food Midterm 2?

Type of wax applied to fruits.
Type of wax applied to fruits.
Type of wax applied to fruits.
Type of wax applied to fruits.
Carnauba wax, (also in shoe polish) contains morpholine that is converted into ____ in the presence of nitrites (this is a known carcinogen).
____ can be found in vegetables such as cabbage and convert with amines into nitrosamines.
In the 'good old days', this was a common illness due to the fact that there was no water control
In 1952, a smog episode occurred in London because of great amounts of ___ and ___ emitted.
This river was so polluted it caught fire and buildings along the shore burnt down.
We have food inspection agencies now but Romans used to put ___ into their wine because it tasted sweet.
Vegetables used to be covered with ___.
___ was used to dilute flour for baking.
___ was later used for the same purpose.
Apple seeds, cassava roots and other foods naturally contain this poison.
___ is the #1 food additive in Canada and #2 in the US.
We eat about __ pounds of the previous answer per year.
What form of sodium is the worst kind for you in terms of intake?
___ ___ is the form of sodium found in baking soda.
___ ___ is a substitue for salt but doesn't taste the same and has some problems associated with it.
Out of 160 pounds of food additives consumed per capita per year, about ___ pound(s) of it is the food additives with the more complex names (e.g. BHA, BHT).
Kikunae Ikeda, a Japanese scientist discovered this taste.
This additive is present in seaweed and is a sodium salt of gluatmic acid
___ ___ ___ causes an adverse reaction with similar symptoms to those of a heart attack.
The first step in the process of making MSG involves ___ being converted into glutamic acid by bacteria
the previous answer is then converted to MSG by treatment with ___
allergic reactions resulting in ___ ___ (a sudden drop in blood pressure) cause about 200 deaths per year.
the treatment for the previous answer is ___
___ is used in butterball turkey instead of butter (it is even more saturated than butter)
butterball turkey also contains ___ (Na3PO4) because it chelates (traps) water, preventing the turkey from drying out when cooked.
the previous answer is also found in kraft dinner and ___ ___ to trap calcium (part of grime).
Trisodium phosphate is used in ___ ___, but is not the same as STP.
salt is a good ___ which is why people used to hang fish off the side of boats on long trips
___ ___ was the first person to realize that bacteria was responsible for degredation of food and put the theory of 'Spontaneous Generation' to rest by proving his theory with his
salt kills bacteria by the process of ___
products such as ketchup don't need a preservative because they have ___ which acts in the same way as salt to preserve it
___ is a good preservation technique because it removes moisture from the food (such as fish)
___ is a good preservation technique because it kills off bacteria using many toxic, carcinogenic chemicals
people whose diet is high in food preserved in the way from the previous question have a higher incidence of ___ cancer
___ are very often smoked and turn red because of it
There are about 2 million cases and 30 deaths per year in Canada and about 20-80 million cases and 10,000 deaths in the US attributed to ___ ___.
Causative agent of food poisoning.
Causative agent of food poisoning.
Causative agent of food poisoning.
__% of chicken is contaminated with salmonella which is why it is very important to cook it thoroughly.
there was an incidence where organic ___ was contaminated with E. coli O157H:7
there was an incidence where organic ___ of a particular brand was contaminated with salmonella
the number of food poisoning incidences is ___ (increasing or decreasing) due to several reasons.
this trend is due to
this trend is due to
this trend is due to
this trend is due to
this trend is due to
this trend is due to
these factors cause us to spend only about __% of our income on food
50% of all antibiotics used in Canada/US are used for ___ instead of humans
___ ___ may occur, causing the bacteria to become resistant to the antibiotic making it harder to treat humans who end up with this bacteria
pregnant women are more susceptible to food poisoning because their ___ ___ is suppressed so they don't reject the fetus as a foreign agent
___ are antioxidants found in apples.
___ are used to blend oil(fat-insoluble) and water(fat-soluble) ingredients
apples are made of about ___ different chemical compounds such as acetone, ethanol, sugar and water(85%)
___, which is a nature identical flavour, is the most widely used chemical in flavours
the number one colour additive in Canada is ___ and is found in coca cola
___ is used for orange colourings and is found in carrots
___ is also used for orange colourings
___ is coloured with a bit of orange in the winter because cows eat hay instead of grass in the winter so they don't get beta-carotene
___ ___ is an insect found on cacti in the souther US and New Mexico that is dried and crushed to be used as a red colouring agent (artificial strawberry extract)
only the females are collected because it is only the ___ that are red
___ dyes are produced in labs and may have harmful effects to the consumer (they are also known as coal tar dyes)
'___' colourings come from this category because they must be of a certain purity
citrus red used to be used to dye the colour of ___ because some appeared green (excess chlorophyll) despite being ripe
___ ___ is used as a preservative in soda drinks and juice drinks and can react with citric (ascorbic) acid to produce benzene, a known carcinogen
Dr. ___ ___ found a link between the consumption of food colours and hyperactivity in children
___ is the only synthetic dye that must be listed on products because some people are allergic to it
___ is a synthetic dye that is allowed in Canada but banned in the states because it has been shown to be potentially carcinogenic in animals (not clear)
___ is another synthetic dye that is also a potential carcinogen
Red dye #3 was shown to cause thyroid tumors in male rats (not females) but it would require ___ daily servings of fruit cocktails containing the dye for 70 years (a number)
There are more natural carcinogens than synthetic ones. 1 cup of ___ contains about 10mg of known carcinogens: acrylamide, caffeic acid, benzene, styrene, formaldehyde and furfural
Why has cancer become the number one cause of death in Canada?
___ was found in some bottled water because of the production of PET (polyethylene terephthalate, the bottle material) at about 1 part per trillion meaning one would need to consum
One would die from drinking _ litres of water from water intoxication (explained by osmosis)
___ is a condition where one experiences a chronic urge to drink a lot of water
One strategy to prevent the decomposition of colouring agest is to attach them to ___ that can't be absorbed by the body and are instead excreted
The per capita consumption of hot dogs in North America is ___ per year (~20 billion total)
___ is used as a food preservative and a food colour (good for preventing botulism) and can be found in hot dogs
___ (MbFe2+) causes naturally cut meat to be blueish-red. When oxygen is present, ___ turns red. Eventually, the iron in the ___ molecule is oxidized and turns brown instead of red
___ react with the previous answer to form nitrosomyoglobin and to produce a pink colour
___ ___ is put into hot dogs to prevent the conversion from nitrites to nitrosamines
___ is a carcinogen that has been used by both a biologist (jealous motives) and a German doctor (marital motives) in attempts to poison and cause cancer (can cause liver failure)
___ are used in 'instant mashed potato' mix and other vegetable and fruit products by preventing oxidation (which causes browning) of fruits and vegetables and of fats (rancidity)
___ (such as from a knife) can act as a catalyst and speed up the browning effect
___ ___ is a chelating agent that ties up metals to slow down the browning effect
___ is another chelating agent.
___ are another anti-browning agent but is now used limitedly because some people are allergic to it and it has caused 20 deaths in Canada and the US (it can be found in raisins)
BHA and BHT are antioxidants that prevent ___
___ can be added to bread because it is an anti-fungal agent
___ can be added to bread because it is an anti-fungal agent
___ is a fungus that can cause hallucination and can be found in rye breads. 19 women were executed in Salem because they hallucinated from this and were believed to be witches.
Propionibacter shermanii is a bacteria used in the production of Swiss cheese. It converts lactic acid to produce CO2 (makes the holes) and ___ ___ (a natural preservative). It is
___ ___ is a 'German' wine that is composed of a mix of wines from multiple European countries
Thickening agents such as ___ can be used in ice cream for a better 'mouth feel' and can trap moisture on the top of the ice cream causing freezer burn.

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