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What's Augustus' real name?John Brownell is STILL sitting on the desk.
When was the first Peloponnesian War?'How many of you guys knew that off the top of your head?' - Mr. Roberts
When did Caesar die?not 41
What's the most popular style of footwear EVER?not crocs
Which of the following (in the extra info category) is the hill Rome was founded on?Palatine Hill, Cypress HIll, Bunker HIl, Faith Hill, Grant Hill
What was the most common drink in Greece?that's dumb.
What are the most common textiles?There are two
The earliest Agean civilization, established in 2200 BC, is know as the ________ civilizationOooh look at me I'm John Brownell I wrote that question you need to put it in the Sporcle
The principle garmet for men in Green is the...(Chiton)
Romulus and Remus founded the city of Rome in this yearthey are all odd intergers going from greatest to least

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