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In 1992, when George H. W. Bush was running for office, what food did he dislike?
What is the United States foreign-born population percentage?
What group makes up 35% of the undergraduate student body and MIT?
In what country were you not allowed to have a haircut on Monday?
Wha tis the most expensive age of your life?
Who invented the swivel chair?
What year was Adolf Hitler on a short list of Nobel Peace Prize candidates?
How many babies are born in China per day?
What famous actress' grandfather was Max Born, a Nobel winning physicist?
What celebrity entered his own look alike contest and did not make it to the finals?
How many times does the average London commuter get wet per year?
What name is the most prone to a car crash?
How many different words did Shakespeare use in his works?
How many schools in Florida are named after manetees?
What country produces one-third of the worlds rasberrries?

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