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Forced Order
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A response to a Neil Young song, which had a negative view about the Southern USA.
About a stalking girl who claimed the singer was the father of her child.
A tribute to the greatest and best song in the world... which the band members unfortunatly couldn't remember.
About a man who lost his arms, legs and senses in the war. He doesn't know if this is true or a dream.
A story about a couple with financial hardships, but at least they got each other.
A rebel song against British politics. Young people felt alienated by the old-fashioned monarchy.
Based on an experience of the guitarist, when his plane was struck by lightning and almost crashed.
The singer heard that schoolteachers used their songs to dissect in class. Trying to mess with them, he wrote this nonsensical song.
Written after witnessing a fire in a Swiss casino where Frank Zappa was performing.
About the slaughter of Native Americans by European emigrants to the New World.
The girl in this song was a heroin addicted housemate of the singer, who never fell in love and doesn't know what it is.
About a man who gets tired of the ordinary life and starts commiting crimes for fun. You don't know what it's like.
The singer watched with jealousy how his girlfriend cheated on him. But it's just the price he pays.
About the singers love for gambling and taking risks. The title is the ''dead man's hand''.
About how seemingly normal people can be KKK members.
About how maybe it's not to late to learn how to love and forget how to hate. You gotta listen to his words!
About homelessness and being neglected by society. Maybe, someday yet, he'll begin his life again.
We don't need no education.
About falling in love with a French prostitute.
About him and his asian girlfriend being bullied. But he doesn't care about that.
About a depression after a loved one dies. Everything has to turn dark.
About a deaf, dumb and blind kid who sure plays a mean pinball...
About a whorehouse in Texas. They gotta lot of nice girls.
A true story about a young girl who got kidnapped, raped and tortured in 1987.
How teacher really likes you and you've got it bad...

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