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Can you name the facts about Southampton (UK)?

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What is the city commonly abbreviated as?
Which historic building sits at the bottom of the High Street?
How many roses are on the city's crest?
What was the Old-English name of Southampton?
Which two rivers flow into the Solent at Southampton?
What is the name of the National Park found to the west of the city?
Which ship left Southampton on its maiden voyage in April 1912?
What is the name of Southampton's main railway station?
Southampton FC won the FA cup in which year?
The Gaumont theatre is now known by which name?
What is Southampton's local paper called?
Which comedian was born in the city in January 1924?
In 1415 which monarch left Southampton on route to France?
When was city status granted to Southampton?
Which BBC radio station is broadcast from the city?
What is the demonym for someone from Southampton?
Which former Southampton FC ground shared its name with an African mammal?
Which green space was opened as a public park in 1844?
Which R&B singer grew up on the Holyrood estate?
In which year did West Quay open?

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