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In which county is Portsmouth situated?
What is Portsmouth's commonly used nickname?
Which motorway passed through the city?
What is the name of Henry VIII's ship that sank in the Solent?
In total, by metres how tall is the Spinnaker Tower?
Which Portsmouth landmark was demolished in 2004
Portsmouth Football Club was founded in which year?
Which famous author was born in the city in 1812?
What is the Portsmouth slang for someone who complains a lot?
What is the city's motto?
Portsmouth Point is also known by which name?
Which island in Portsmouth Harbour is home to an active naval base?
How many railway stations does the city have?
Which king gave the city its first Royal Charter?
What is the name of Portsmouth's second football club?
Which shoemaker first opened a school in the city to give free education to working-class children?
Which hospital closed in 1978?
Which hill overlooks Portsmouth?
Which British Prime Minister was born in Copnor?
Which was the first public park to open in the city?

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