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Which city is Fareham located closest to?
Which Roman shorefort turned castle sits on Portsmouth Harbour?
Fareham's old quay sits on which body of water?
What was Fareham's name in the Domesday Book, referenced in the town's main entertainment venue?
Which fruit was famously grown around Fareham in the 1900s?
Which author, who wrote Vanity Fair, lived in Fareham during his youth?
What is the name of the forest situated to the north of Fareham?
What is Fareham's motto?
Which river passes to the west of Fareham, entering the Solent at Hill Head?
Which ironmaster associated with the town shares his name with a local school?
In which decade was Fareham's shopping precinct opened?
What was the name of the bricks made in Fareham used to build the Albert Hall?
Which Breton city is Fareham twinned with?
Which ground is home to Fareham Town FC?
What is the boat on Fareham's crest made of?
Which king was married at Titchfield Abbey in 1445?
Which 16th century author is reputed to have stayed at Titchfield Abbey?
Randal Cremer, born and bred in Fareham, won which prize in 1903?
What is the name of both a river and village to the immediate east of Fareham?
In what year was Holy Trinity Church's spire taken down?

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