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Exeter is in which English county?
Exeter is the southern terminus of which motorway?
In 1549 Exeter was laid siege by rebels in which uprising?
Which saint is most associated with Exeter?
What was the Roman name of the city?
Exeter sits on which river?
In which year was the University of Exeter founded?
The bishopric of Exeter was moved to the city in 1050 from which nearby town?
What is the name of Exeter's main rugby team?
Which pub is located along the Exeter Ship Canal?
Which Caerphilly born comedian grew up in Exeter?
Alice Molland was the last person to be hanged for which crime in 1682?
What is Exeter's motto?
Which singer was born in the city in 1977?
Which Breton city is Exeter twinned with?
What is the name of the shopping precinct that reopened in 2007?
St Pancras church is located in which shopping centre?
What animal is featured on Exeter City FC's crest?
Which Roman road led to Exeter from Lincoln?
Which street in the city has the record for the narrowest in the UK?

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