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Bath is located in which English county?
William Herschel discovered which planet from his home in Bath?
Where do Bath Rugby play their home games?
What was the Roman name for Bath?
Which Jane Austen book is set in the city?
Which bridge is famous for having shops along it?
Which king of England was coronated at Bath in 973?
In which year did the city become a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
How many universities does the city have?
Bath is at the southern edge of which range of hills?
Which architect instigated Bath's Georgian revival?
Which tower overlooks the city from Lansdown Hill?
Which new-wave band hails from Bath?
In which league do Bath City FC play?
Which legendary British king is said to have founded Bath?
Which hill that overlooks Bath is also the name of a song by Peter Gabriel?
On which river does Bath stand?
Which television chef has been given Freedom of the City of Bath?
Which monarch frequented Bath's baths to help relieve gout?
What is Bath's chief railway station called?

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