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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Dorset?

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Anglo-Saxon Kingdom it was part of
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Patron Saint
Unofficial Anthem
County Town
Largest Town
Second Largest Town
Third Largest Town
Fourth Largest Town
Fifth Largest Town
County Flower
Bordering County
Bordering County
Bordering County
Bordering County
Bordering Sea
Highest Point (279m)
Lowest Point (0m)
Longest River
Largest Island
Second Largest Island
Most Southerly Point
Animal on Coat of Arms
Famous Dorset Biscuit
Protected Dorset Cheese
Natural World Heritage Site
So called 'Island' in South-East Dorset
Famous Dorset Author
Monarch killed at Corfe Castle
Largest Natural Harbour in Europe
Largest Stadium
Largest Hill-Fort in Britain
18 Mile Long Tombolo Beach
Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
Hovis Advert Location
Home of Famous Chalk Giant

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