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Forced Order
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Chesley Sullenberger
Title Character (1994)
Chuck Noland
Captain Miller
Title Character (2013)
Josh Baskin
Jim Lovell
Robert Langdon
James Donovan
Viktor Navorski
Paul Edgecomb
Joe Fox
Carl Hanratty
Allen Bauer
Mr. White
Sam Baldwin
Santa Clause/Hero Boy/Scrooge
Dermot Hoggins/Dr. Henry Goose/Zachry/Issac Sachs
Jimmy Dugan
Michael Sullivan
Ray Peterson
Andrew Beckett
Charles Wilson
Alan Clay
Title Character (2011)
Det. Scott Turner
Joe Banks
Walt Disney
Walter Fielding Jr.
Professor G.H. Dorr
Sheriff Woody
Steven Gold
David Basner
Det. Pep Streebeck
Rick Gassko
Thomas Schell
Mr. Gable
Fran├žois Perrin
Sherman McCoy
David Bradley
Robbie Wheeling
Mr. Macauley

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