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Can you name the numbers from scenes/location they appear in?

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Scene/LocationNumber(s)Scene Info
# of seats on sydney plane
# of years Locke was in a wheel chair
Cassidy's license plate #
flight number
jacob's cave
lottery numbers
#s on Rousseau's maps
# thousands of dollars desmond asks Libby for
Mr. Eko's jesus stick scripture numbers
Diamonds are worth # million dollars
# miles deep the plane is underwater
# thousand dollar reward for Kate's head
Scene/LocationNumber(s)Scene Info
# typed in the hatch computer
# of Penny's address
Psalm # Eko Recites
spaces on a Connect Four game
Sydney flight leaves from Gate #
# on baseball in Kate's timecapsle
# of years Rouseau has been on the island
Age when Jin's says his father dies
# of toes on statue
# stories Locke falls from
time of death

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