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Can you name the Songs Featured in Glee?

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Forced Order
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Test your Gleekness
First song New Directions Sang
Finns first day with glee
Feild trip to Vocal Adrenaline
No way I'm singing 'Le Freak' in front of the school...
Oh no Quinn Fabray auditions for Glee
Mercedes likes Kurt...but he can't return the feeling
Sue's kids song
Emma's song for the wedding...
Puck sings a solo
Kurt vs. Rachel
Test your Gleekness
Wheel chairs
Will's group Song
Girls Mash up
Oh no Tina got the SOLO!!
Mr. Schue personal favorite song
Kurts playing FOOTBALL!?
Rachel tries out for a musical
Kurts Audition song for Glee
Tina's Audition song for Glee
Rachels Audition song for Glee

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