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Who is Doc?
Who does Caboose team-kill?
Tex's armor color
Which AI does Tex have that takes over Doc's body?
Simmons' armor color
The two rival mercenaries working for 'Control' on Chorus
Church always carries this, even though he can't even hit a rock with it
Was shot in the throat on a mission but survived
Sister's armor color
Doc's armor color
Lazy, never wants to work
Church's armor color
Donut's armor color
Very emotional
Keyboard Shortcut for Caboose's team kills
What do Grif and Donut call the teleportation cubes?
Bow chicka bow wow!
What does Caboose do when told to help South Dakota?
Who does Carolina hate for being better?
How does Red team heal Sarge after he gets shot in the head?
What is Basebook?
What is Freckles?
What drains the power from the ship needed to charge Freckles?
How does Doc heal Caboose's foot wound?
Red team's resident kiss-a**
Tucker's armor color
What does Felix say he's paid in?
'My name is Michael J. Caboose, and I hate __!'
I'm a lover not a __!
Grif's armor color
Who was the original leader of Blue team (aka. Agent Florida)?
Lightish-red armor
Lopez's armor color
What is Doc's real name?
Caboose's armor color
Voiced by Geoff Ramsey
Was gathering the Freelancer A.I.s
Red team's Spanish robot
Sarge's armor color
Why are the Red and Blue teams so mad at Donut when he arrives in Season 11?
How many AIs does Carolina get that hurts her?
Ghost Church's armor color
What Grif wanted to name the Warthog
Washington's armor color

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